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I might as well post and say that thanks to this thread I ordered a few ties and was surprised at how nice they were.
Hard to say specifically from the one picture, but his right arm is bent and even then the bottom of the jacket only comes just past his wrist... But then the crotch of his pants is nearly hidden and from this lower POV that surprises me, so maybe he just has really long arms? In either case probably too short in general, but if your going to be short the DB odd jacket is forgiving. Seems like a rule that begs to be broken, especially when paired so casually with jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 That jacket is impeccable! Very nice fit, but too short...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.P What causes the horizontal bunching at the chest just beyond the armpits, as seen in the shirt below? Also, it seems like the sleeves are rolling forward, causing the vertical folds just below the shoulder area. Many of my shirts have this problem. Would wider sleeves solve this? [[SPOILER]] Based on the pulling at the button I would guess shoulders and chest are just too tight.
Hey is there an efficient way to search in here? Seems like searching by size should work, but something like 11.5 or 11-1/2 or 40R doesn't bring up anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by context they're worth it during the occasional 20% or rare 30% off events. i have a very athletic build (40R, 32W), and the ludlow jackets fit great, but i still taper-in about an inch on both sides. the pants, however, don't fit as slim as i would like. the rise on the pants is also tad higher than my preference. if you're looking for slim-fitting off-rack separates, i found the BR monogram line to fit the best. they just had...
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Do you iron by hand? I think this has to do with how the shirt is pressed, not by any wear to the shirt itself. I always have this issue with shirts that I have cleaned at our local dry cleaner, but if I iron them myself I can keep that bit of collar nice and stiff. I go back and forth, but generally end up doing my own ironing. (The cleaners are just too far for regular work like shirts) It's not that I...
Quote: Originally Posted by lovelux2010 ok cool i had not heard the term mitered, but if you search "mitered cuff" it does come up with results Since I was right there...
What makes a collar fold and fall down just over the button. You can see this shirt is almost doing it, but i have some older shirts that are horrible for this. I need to keep a tie knot very tight and the tie up high to keep the collar from dropping. Anyway to fix or know what causes it?
You can do modern tailor for under $70. The question is which collar would it be? Maybe cutaway large?
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