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Quote: Originally Posted by srivats or Voodoo* (*thanks dieworkwear)
Quote: Originally Posted by NiceDressShoes [[SPOILER]] pow! This fancy shoe stuff is way out of my league but I'll bet this shoe haul deserves it's own thread and lots of pictures. You will attract the right people who can give you price ranges and levels of desirability.
The code is for Lands End Canvas
Quote: Originally Posted by ridefar So I have seen this on Tom Ford suits. Is this a TF pant? How common is this technique? Anybody know? Fairly cheap nordstrom flannel pants. I don't think it's very common, but I am far from the right person to answer that, I do know that I've never had a tailor offer or suggest it. Quote: Originally Posted by dan'l Oh, this looks great! I'm not sure if I have the confidence to do it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Karl Matthews This is a common problem. I tend to snip the small stitch that holds up the cuff. Open them up and simply brush away any bits that gather there. Once this is done you can use Sellotape rolled around the hand in a blotting motion to remove anything a little more stubborn. It is a very minor bit of sewing to put the cuff back. simply tac them up through the outer and inner seams making the stitch...
490=$90 Maybe?
Yeah Um Nsfw.
A lot of love for suitsupply there, but it doesn't seem to match the view generally found here. The Canadian shipping might be a killer though. Try a cross boarder shopping trip to a TJmaxx or Ross (or stay home a check Winners)? Plenty of cheap/bad "designer" ties there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Miha28 Any way to save these? Got em wet? I have 2 favorite ties that had some food stains so I tried washing them in the sink.. They look just like that. Hanging, rolling, steaming, pressing, nothing has worked. My next plan is to get them disassembled, steam/press the hell out of the silk and then remake them.
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