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I tried stacy adams, All I can say is stay away. Nearly the worst shoes I've even held/seen. The leather was so thin it had to have some sort of glued in canvas liner just to hold things together. And after just trying them on the leather was all creased up. You're free to get what you want of course, but make sure wherever you do get them from has a good return policy. I've had decent luck on yoox, or sales from JCrew/Banana Republic.
Quote: Originally Posted by tombrokaw Of all the things he's worn this is the one you have a problem with? Usually what he's wearing make a statement enough that fit issues hardly seem pertinent. This is so bland all you see are the problems. Needs bright yellow wingtips?
Quote: Originally Posted by JensenH Wooster has a wife? I'm sure some guy is happy to be called his wife. Also it's not a great look generally but it's not bad, also the guy is short so he's probably working all the tricks to try and elongate, plus be super fashion forward. It's not always gonna work out.
I blew it, but it's lands end so I could return and not be out anything right? I'm not usually thrilled with their shoes, but these seemed like a stellar deal on some wet weather wingtip beaters. Does the sole with the circles mean it is dainite, or could they just copy the pattern?
Give em to this guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I have a pair of skinny red pants. I don't wear them too often, but I definitely wear them a few times a year. I usually pair them with a dark brown casual wingtip and a blue-ish shirt with or without patterns. For example, like this: [[SPOILER]] Hmm, I have pants just about that color, These dockers I tailored for a slim fit. Plus light blue ocbd, seersucker jacket.I was going to do sock-less with boat shoes, but it was an...
Quote: Originally Posted by JTP1000 I know the answer to this is going to varry, but what's a reasonable amount to pay for a tailor to shorten sleeves on a dress shirt? Not shortening from the shoulder, but from the cuff. Is $20 per sleeve fair? Seems steep, I would say it should be more like $5 to just move the cuff up a little, and 10 ish if you need to move the placket also.
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke Espadrilles how does one pronounce this? es-pa-drill es like estate, pa like papa, drill
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Just received this email from AE customer service. Very fast response this time. It looks like they didn't receive my first email(I might have emailed the wrong person ). It sounds like a lot trouble to get them fixed. I will be out of postage, time,... I also don't have a receipt/proof of purchase. I will likely just try to fix them with a local cobbler. What a pain. I hate this kind of attitude for...
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