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They are called darts... And generally front darts should be for women's shirts.
Back after a bit of a vacation eh? The picture is gone now, but are they too worn for toppys to be installed?
Men's Clothing
^Is this MC or SW/D because those boots do not belong in MC.
Showing your nipples is worse, then showing an undershirt. If you sweat enough that you need an undershirt.. um, gross.
Did this happen with your old white undershirts? Or just with the new ones? For you two above, I can never wear a shirt without something under it. In the winter that's a proper T-shirt, in warmer months (really anything over 50F) an A-shirt or tank top. Hell, I even wear an undershirt under my t-shirts. *I realize I may be nuts, but it's a little to much like not wearing underwear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Obvious belly is obvious, no doubt, but I'll bite. You're not slim. That shirt is too slim for your body. FTFY
Quote: Originally Posted by YoungAmerican There are exact measurements on their site. They're definitely not ESF material. I would say they are pushing the bounds of even being called slim fit.
Phew just under the wire with a big pickup from the tailors over the weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by dasai I'd love to see a longwing blucher in this line. To me, a monkstrap is just too elegant a shoe for this sort of finish. How is there not a longwing in this collection?
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