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Very nice, you should do a little write up/pictorial.. Where you got things from, how you did it. This is a nice DIY project.
I'm going to assume that Men's warehouse and BB outlet prices are the price range your shopping in. At that price it's harder but not impossible to get some nicer suits. Other places you could try are Jcrew/Banana Republic (find coupons+sales), Nordstrom Rack, maybe a Marshals if you have one of the fancy ones around, H&M too. And if you are in or near NY there are probably dozens of other places you could look for deals. Also Suit Supply they got high marks in that...
Quote: Originally Posted by krspdla Just recently brought in a jacket that was loose in the sides. The tailor quoted me $42 to take in the sides up to the armpit, then another $55 to take in the seams from the armpit to the shoulder. Are these prices reasonable? Where are you from? I just had a jacket taken in on the sides and the sleeves shortened and it was 30.
Ecco Mens Dress Shoes You could do a lot worse. Trust me, some of the weddings I've been to a LOT worse is done. One BIG problem is that he doesn't mention anywhere in this thread that he's planning on wearing a white dinner jacket/bow tie/tux pants to the wedding. That I think changes the whole shoe thing quite a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier Fail. So he has more comfortable shoes and he's not telling up? Do you stalk him while he's shoe shopping to verify this? How about raking up 500-1000 posts before you start with the not helpful one word posts, especially about someones objective opinion. Maybe you could say why you didn't like ecco shoes, and not just regurgitate what you have read on here. Surly you have been shopping and tried...
Quote: Originally Posted by scudinferno does anyone here have a solution to prevent OTC socks from catching on slimmer leg pants? esp wool? This keeps me from wearing my few pairs of OTC socks. It would be fine if I was standing all day, but I'm up and down all day and every time I sit I need to pull my pant leg up, and then shake my legs to get my pant to drop when I stand.
Can we see how you attached the buckle, and where did you get your supplies from, I've remade/resized a few belts and would love to try my hand at making one.
I like to buy things that look terrible on the models, then I find they look terrible on me and I return them. I like their boxes though. It is nearly impossible to browse due to the sheer volume, but if you have something in mind and you can limit to the correct sizes, it's shop-able.
Also OP, I wonder if something like this neo moc might fit the overall theme of light khakis and jeans better then the dressier shoe you posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 No, I was showing off the loafers on the two images! The way the men (in the images) utilise the shoes, to go with their outfits, is very aesthetically pleasant. I have no idea why black loafers are useless, to you—they are black shoes, if they look nice then they are useful? I thought they both looked silly, the shorts with black loafer boarded on hilarious, and in the other picture the shoes just...
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