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Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 so...is the deal w/ 514s to get a size up w/ regards to waist? I have a pair ordered online in my TTS waist and they fit like leggings And dudes don't come much skinnier than myself Well everyone is built different, I have a 35 waist and am about 34-35 were my jeans sit and wear a 32 in Levis. But I'm pretty straight in the middle, and have small hips. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by fudgebutt Could I throw the jeans in a bucket and soak them, leave them overnight, and hope that the excess dye will fill in the front knee fades? Plus bleach. (Maybe pumice stones for acid wash fun?)
Quote: Originally Posted by skunkworks Careful. If you read reviews, everyone complains about wonky sizing. Not sure if it's even worth $16 Wonky sizing on lands end or just the canvas stuff?
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