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Quote: Originally Posted by jaitaras Are sleeve sizes for jackets and shirts measured the same way? For example, when I buy shirts from brooks brothers i buy 16.5/33 (neck/sleeve i assume). Would that mean that I would be wanting a suit jacket that had 32.5 or so sleeves? I feel confused because I see lots of jackets for sale on this website (in the for sale part of the forum) that mention size 24 and 24 sleeves. Am I missing something here, or are those...
Quote: Originally Posted by Farside I lost some weight over the past year and my off the rack dress shirts are pretty baggy now. It is worth getting them tailored, or should I just go bespoke? Which would need to be done piecemeal, as my clothing budget is limited. Limited budget = Alterations/Tailoring, as long as the neck is still in the right range.
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow What's the SF consensus on wearing a tie with a button down dress shirt, oxford cotton or otherwise? More specifically, in The U.S., Spain and Italy. I already know the answer for the U.K. OK with a sportscoat. Otherwise to fast food manager imo.
A guy who wears silk socks with combat boots, and where Turnbull & Asser is the dress shirt of choice will not be wearing a cheap cotton turtleneck. Not black but this screams Tactle Turtleneck. Ralph Lauren Black Label Leather-Trim Turtleneck Look for something wool/cashmere or with silk.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe All those eyes, looking at you kid! Cool looking, but creepy.
Lots of people suggest no sneakers, plimsoll's or GAT's ok?
Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig exactly... the cheap = not sleek correlation is really an american phenom. the same used to hold true for shirts (cheap = american square tent cut) but the influx of european fast fashion (zara, H&M, uniqlo) is changing that. you can now even get american-made shirts that are slim. americans in general don't like sleek and fitted because it seems effeminate. a neanderthalic, comfortable chunky square toe is...
Well the only reversible belt I've had like that it was also a to open, but it did. (I think I ripped a nail too). Bad thing was I could never get it tight enough again and subsequently the belt would come apart at that point. But it was a cheap emergency belt I had to pickup while out of town.
Prob like this Otherwise snap a shot of the backside of the buckle, the link provided doesn't' show any details. (Other then that it's a nice belt)
Quote: Originally Posted by NotoriousMarquis Im having difficulty choosing buckles. But they do look good with jeans, especially dark or gray denim. If anybody has annyyyy leather-dying or treating techniques or tips, or critique of my belt, that would be really appreciated. Its a great project that Im having a lot of fun with. This antiquing thread probably has some good info on dyeing the leather.
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