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You think they would have noticed that all their bayfield boots are falling apart and made a manufacturing change to fix the issue.
It is a lot slower forum then this but you might try They have a directory also.
First off nice work. Quote: Originally Posted by inlandisland Yes - the first step is to get frustrated with the fit of everything you buy in the store. The second step is to be a cheap bastard who doesn't want to pay for alterations on every piece of clothing you buy. The next step is to start doing some research and to buy a used sewing machine that does a decent straight stitch and zig-zag stitch and learning how to use that. Then, spend a few...
Hah, I have some of those socks, pretty nice but they seem to fuzz/shed fibers in the heel and toe quite a bit making me think they won't last long. But very cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober Metlin, Thank you for thinking of us - but we do not have any knits at all. Officeboy, Thank you for your kind words, while we do not currently work with knits, if we did we would be happy to make knits with triangle tips. Grenadine isn't a knit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff Looks like they are using Graham & Gunn for suiting now. Glad to see Scottsdale location on the list, will definitely make an appointment to see what the event is all about. Costco Men's Suit Schedule No love for Washington.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin I believe David Hober carries a few, as well -- It's probably double your budget (~$85), but well worth it. I really like Hober's ties and their whole "thing" but sewn knit ties with a triangle tip just seem weird. <
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor go for it man. you are lucky having a coach, be nice to her. it just takes patience and lots of time. be prepared to rip stitches and resew again and again, like i said patience. ^^this... On the first few pants/shirts I've done I probably ripped 3x as many stitches as I kept. So be careful. I have a hole in a pair of pants and in a shirt where I was trying to run the ripper down the length of the...
I'm not nearly as pessimistic as CYstyle. This may be in part because I like to have a hands on approach to almost everything I do. I have tapered and altered pants and that is a slippery slope. Casual pants like chino's are pretty easy, anything more dressy I take to a tailor. Tapering or thinning out a leg is very simple, but once you get into the upper thigh getting the transition to the seat to look ok can be hard. I have about 5 pairs of chino's that I started...
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