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Since it is bespoke, not MTM, I highly recommend that you visit his atelier and get all measured up. He can usually turn around the trial shirt 24hrs after the fitting. Plus, you can modify pretty much all the details by mm so it's worth a visit. PM me if you need his contact address / number.
Francesco is not good at e-mail - best to call them and make an appointment. Else, just drop by his atelier, which is next to Finamore HQ.
Yeah I do travel to Napoli every time...
No, they have not been removed; they are the white plastic ones that can be easily bent.
They do, yes.
Merolla bespoke - mostly in Riva.
Thanks for mentioning my blog - I am planning to upload an updated version - in English this time.
I was expecting more for their shungtang line but Rubinacci seems to have a much wider / better selection of shuntang / raw silk ties. I do like the Moghul squares though - cannot wait to visit their store this weekend...
My new Astaire
Oh wow - what a great post. I might as well make a visit sometime next month.I hope you didn't run into the new owner of the company!
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