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Thinking about getting a pair of Alex on 724 last F width. Can anyone please help me out on sizing. For the 724 last F width, are they true to size or are they on the roomy side. How's the length? Many thanks. is Ferragamo Tramezza both hand welted and gemming from this video?
Thanks to this forum, I was able to discover things otherwise wouldn't have known to me. Just received my Vass Chukka in mid-brown suede in U-last. I have wide feet and surprised to find out how comfy these are. They make me look taller too.
Thank you for all your input. I noticed the Borrelli jacket tht I've got has much less hand work as well when compared to my other neapolitean jackets. Anyway, canvassed or not, this is easily my favourite jacket and I can see myself wearing it quite a bit because everything else is near perfect. It still has nice lepel roll though.
I recently bought a Borrelli jacket. It's unconstructed, dark brown weave plaid. I really like this jacket because it's really soft, has nice cut and it fit really well on me. But I was surprised to see that it was a fused jacket. Being an unconstructed jacket, I was able to pull open between the layers of my jacket and discover the black layer under the lapel. Can i be wrong and assumed all canvass has that brown hair looking material or is it possible that a canvass...
Gucci, apologise in advance if it's not SF approved. And the rest of my humble boots collection.
A few years back, the dry cleaning place iron my 3 roll 2.5 jacket lapel to 3 roll 3 and it destroyed the look of my jacket. I didn't noticed at first otherwise I would have said something. Basically it made the lapel looks flat (ie: more 2 dimensional rather than the original which is more 3D) i try to iron back the other way but it's never the same.
who would prefer one pocket over two?
Bought one recently and it's very nice. Fits me well. It indeed has very low rise but I hink I can get use to that.
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