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Hi There, I think its ´jo´malone. Yes I have tried the coffee fragrance and found it really rich and lovely. Lasted all day too! I would recommend it to anyone. Best wishes
Hi There There is a really amayzing bagel place waround west 40th street between 5 and 6th, cant remember the name of it but sooo delicious! Highly reccomended! Best wishes
Hi there I think a good tomato and basil pasta dish with parmesam is a winner for both vegetarian an non vegetarian guests to your party. Serve with garlic bread! Best wishes
Hi there I think that being a vegetarian is healthy so long as you are getting enough protein or are protein combining correctly. I think this how people end up losing lots of weight,´, Hope this helps
Hi there, Would have thought steak or pizza would be somewhere on there! hmm.. very nice indeed! Best wishes
Hi there! I had a lovely veggie curry with flatbread and a glass of orange Golden juice! MmmMMM
Hi there, I agree with above, I think your hair looks nice the way it is. If its not broken then dont change it! Beautiful!
Hi there, I suppose it depends on the immune sýstem of the person. Also the environmental factors that influence that person. It depends Best wishes
Hi there That is really interesting. I never heard of taking supplements for exercise before. Would it notbe dangerous? Maybe it would be interesting to buy someand try Thanks
Hi there, Yes I like to listen to Britney Spears and sometimes techno music. Its really fun! Shes Fantastic Best wishes
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