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So I'm home visiting for the holidays and my Dad notices the Omega watch I'm wearing and tells me a story about this old Rolex he used to have and wear until I at 3 years old took it and kept throwing it at the floor. It seems to have survived the throws onto the carpet, but when i progessed onto cement, the watch didn't survive too well. He kept the clock buried in a drawer and I made him go find it. The watch is at least 40 years old and is an Oyster Perpetual model....
when I had the sleeves fixed about two years ago, my tailor told me tux sleeves are supposed to be longer than standard suit sleeves -- the cuff isn't supposed to show as much. can anyone elaborate or confirm this or did i get screwed?
ok. here's me and my date at our comany xmas party on sunday. the dress code was dubbed "cocktail attire" so i decided to wear a dolce and gabbana tux sans tie.
Suit and no tie sound fine to me. Anything more would look too out of place I think. I work in the technical field and plan to wear the same thing for our Christmas party this weekend. I usually end up wearing my jacket on all night, but make sure to unbutton it if you're sitting down.
Quote: Steak: I liked Balboa on Sunset the best...awesome steak and great sides. Maestro's was good too. Nick & Stef's was horrible. Sauce on a steak?.?. No thanks. Mastro's is the best steakhouse I've been to in LA. As for sauce on a steak, the best steak I've ever had is Peter Luger's in Brooklyn which serves their steak with the most delicious sauce ever. I know, I know, it sounds horrible but don't knock it till you try it.
why did ron artest leave the game early? he wanted to beat the crowd. ba-dum-ch
Quote: Bradley Ogden is a great restaurant, if a bit pricey even by Vegas standards. Entrees were $55-160 a la carte, appetizers were 20-150, desserts were 15-60, and the wine list was great if pricey also. 150 for an appetizer? That is quite ridiculous... what was the appetizer? On the ridiciously spendy note, anybody tried Masa in NY? I've been dying to try it ever since I read Anthony Bourdain's review. 300/person but it's supposedly worth every...
change the sql field from a smallint to int and you'll be good until 2 billion.
Quote: So wait - I took the SAT's in 1984. How many points do I add to my score to compare them to kids now? Do you add equally to your Math and Verbal scores? Probably 30-50 points a piece. I remember missing a question or two on my math and I still scored 800 back in '95.
there's no image or link there buddy...
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