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Same cloth meaning the fabric of the suits being the same or similar but in different colours. And yes, its like you described with the mixing and matching. But it doesn't necessarily have to be the same I guess, as long as you're not mixing like really lightweight tropical wool jackets with heavy FU tweeds, I'd say go ahead mixing it up as you like.Nice choice on the grey suit btw. The trousers from my grey get worn as separates a lot.
It really is up to you. Both are solid choices. If you had the cash to spare, I'd get a navy and lighter grey in the same cloth so that they can be worn as separates as well and easily inter-changable. 4 looks for the price of 2 suits.Then again, not all of us (me especially) have the luxury of shelling out for 2 suits on the one go.I didn't get a chance to check. Feels like cotton or wool blended with cashmere to me - which adds to the durability. Still amazing though. If...
DJ's shoe department should have large "Angelus" brushes for about $20 if I remember correctly. Worth a look, I've been using them for a year as my "finisher" brush to buff off my wax before I start bulling the toes and heels. Great richly coloured dark wood handle, if you're into that sort of thing (which I am).
Guys, I've got a pair of colour #8 shell cordovan tassel loafers from Alden for sale which unfortunately doesn't fit me. Free shipping Australiawide to anyone who mentions they heard about it from this thread. If you're in Melbourne CBD, happy to let you try them on before buying them. You can inspect the condition first hand. Check out my sig if you're interested. PM me any questions. Okay. Shameless plug done. Back to regular scheduled programming. American...
So tempted with these. Someone else buy them already!
+1 on the Viccel socks. I have a couple of the 100% wool ones, very good value.
Any updates on this? Looking forward it seeing it.I have just commissioned a blazer from Tom here in Melbourne. 1 day down, 6 weeks and 6 days waiting time to go.
Sold. Thank you for your interest.  Used Alden colour #8 shell cordovan tassel loafers seeking warm, loving home. Size is US 9.5C/E (meaning "E" or wide width on the toe). Aberdeen last. Please know your size in Alden's Aberdeen last which runs slightly longer than normal US sizes (will fit a 10D easily). I will not accept returns unless the condition of the shoes have been grossly misrepresented. I am asking for SOLD plus shipping to anywhere. Shipping to...
Would love to go if they come to Melbourne. Details? Do I smell an SF members meet?
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