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Great stuff here.
All the best mate. watching this space
Thanks for the info. While I haven't handled the 72 last before, it looks to be a balanced and attractive last to me - with a rounder English toe which I favour.
Anyone know which last the Wilton is built on? Either way, I've emailed S&H. Will report back.
I have a pair of 348's and 363's (which is the 337 with a round toe) and take the same size in both.
I bet they'll create a monster water proof coating for your shoes too! I'm getting a tin tub if I go to Bunnings and trying them out fo'sho.
Loakes get my vote for workhorse shoes. They were certainly the best option I could afford when starting up my work wardrobe. Best thing about them is that I don't even think twice about wearing them when it's raining.Then again, if you're already rocking cordovan in uni - maybe it's time to upgrade to John Lobb City II's for work? One in black and one in museum calf should do the trick. Then get some C&J Belgraves for your beaters.On a more serious note, given your...
It looks great. Much more rakish than the duller version I got which is 1 shade darker than yours (if that is indeed yours). But patch pocket detailing should keep things interesting
Tom showed me a light grey Dougdale Bros 3 piece with mid-brown horn buttons when I went to the showroom last Thursday. Have I caught a glimpse of your commission there Check?Regardless, hows the Dougdale Brother's fabric treating you? I commissioned a business suit from that book myself recently. Gotta love the substantial English fabrics.
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