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Still not a good enough reason to give shoddy service IMO, there's just no reason for that sort of behaviour. From personal experience, I find most times they seem uninterested at best. Currently I avoid that place based on how they have treated my friend in the past, but that's my beef.To be fair to them, as reported in recent posts on this thread, their shoe prices are rather competitive with online retailers. Especially considering you can fondle the actual merchandise...
I have a blue linen-wool-silk hopsack from Ariston, half-lined with three patch pockets with hand finishing. One thing I noticed this hopsack jacket is that it develops small patches which look like powder. Can't get rid of it, so I have just chosen to accept it as "charming". Anyone with hopsack jackets notice this? It might also be the fabric blend which is causing this, and not the weave.
That is a ballsy colour. I think it would look amazing as it antiques. Don't bother matching the belt with these shoes as it will be much too matchy matchy, even if you did manage to find a belt in the same colour.Re: Trouser colour, I would wear these shoes with practically any colour trouser. The great thing about getting shoes in such an FU colour is that they go with almost any colour I reckon, it's just the tone of the colour which you may need to look out for. Just...
At this price, this is like a public service to the Australian sartorial community.
During my graduation, we got handed gold lapel pins with the uni crest on it after the ceremony. A nice token of remembrance of the day I guess.Postera Crescam Laude b*tches.
You won't regret it. My latest copy came via FedEx. Those Rake boys take on-time delivery seriously.
IMO Herringbone Osaka jackets are much softer in construction overall. That being said - PJohnson jackets don't look stiff at all to my eye. With the MTO option now available from HB, it will be interesting to have a comparison between HB and PJohnson - jacket wise. I just need to scrounge up enough cash first Then again, PJohnson has so many fabrics to tempt you with.
Great site. Thanks
Well done indeed. Great blog btw.Love this:
I'd still rather put my Loakes on rather than my C&J's in the wet, crappy weather we're currently experiencing in Melbourne. Hopefully my shell cordovan longwings are dry and ready to go tomorrow.
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