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^ post above says what fabric it is. I remember it was somewhere upwards of $1,000.
I walked into R&R today and I had to say it was a very pleasant shop to be in. Both Joe Sr and Joe Jr were quite accommodating and were well decked out in Isaia jackets. Unfortunately they have nothing in the way of sportjackets in my size. I managed picked up a pair of Bresciani cotton socks in a wicked green colour. If they wear well, I think I'll head back for more.The sale is still on and there are more than a few decent items to pick up if they are your size. The...
Probably overdue pic of my sportjacket.In 3D: [[SPOILER]] Up close: [[SPOILER]] Spread out: Really bad colour on this. Needs natural light. [[SPOILER]]
Love that texture and colour scheme. Perfect for the pending fall/winter.
Stylish men of Brisbane, firstly I must say that the local talent is spectacular. I will be in town for about 6 weeks for work, would love to meet up any that are keen to have a chat about the sartorial (and non-sartorial) goings ons in this beautiful city. I walked by Richard & Richard on the way to woolies this evening and it quite looks promising. Though I'm almost certain the prices won't be so welcoming.
^^same exact thing happened on one of my herringbone suits. If you can do it yourself, definitely do it as blahman suggests. I went to an alterationist and got charged 10 bucks for a terrible job. Stitching was super obvious and didnt look good at all.
+1. Top blokes (and one lady) there who will take good care of you.
I stand corrected. Guess I'll have to pay R&B a visit soon and have a closer look at their jackets.Herringbone has also been skimping on the horn buttons for some years now unfortunately. I don't think procuring horn buttons in bulk would take away too much from their profit margin. Shame that its sold based on good fabric and great construction, but comes with plastic buttons. Thats just off.
Put on a Herringbone jacket, then go and put on a R&B jacket. The step up in quality you get from HBone is apparent (even though their business suits are mostly made in China). The R&B feels flimsy (due to fully fused construction) and the fabric won't excite you much, however much they want to preach their "Italian" fabric of unknown origin.Herringbone suits have padded lapels, half canvassed construction, and uses worsted wools from reputable Italian mills (Loro...
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