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I knew it was a matter of time before that got picked up by fxh. Laughing hard right now.
Thank you very much for this write up of your experience.
Not a bad place to buy shirts from for someone who's just started in the workforce and needs to build a basic rotation of shirts. At that price point, I personally favour TM Lewin, because Lewin shirts have a split-yoke shoulder and their collars and cuffs are unfused and feel really good for what they are charging.
I thought that might be a vanda square when I saw you this afternoon!Those are some good looking ties.
This largely depends on your own preferences. For example if you are the kind of guy who power dresses, I would go with a navy chalk stripe with peak lapels, maybe in a double breasted configuration. If you want a workaday, no-nonsense type of suit - a mid grey with black horn buttons. If you want to channel the Italian guys, go for something in a lighter blue with brown horn buttons.That being said, I love a more subdued windowpane suit - something like navy with a dark...
I haven't met you, and charcoal might or might not be a great colour for you, but TBH, I've never liked the colour as a suit personally as I feel it's quite boring.My advice is to get it if you really like/want a charcoal suit. If not, I see no reason why a staple wardrobe can't be built out of the hundreds of variations of blues and greys. Personally, I'd get a blue any day over a charcoal. But at the end of the day, it's going to be you who shells out the dough - so get...
Mate have a great time in Malaysia.P Lal is now in a very nice upmarket shop, much easier to find. All glass, 2 storeys. Sadly, they have stopped stocking any new C&Js, due to complaints from other suppliers at their prices. The owner was telling me they will be stocking some top-range Cheaneys in the future.They do have some old C&J stock left, but was slim pickings in my size (8.5UK).
Pretty sure unless you're over 6 feet, you really only need 3.5m of fabric for a standard 2 piece. Also, interested to know what material was it?Worsted English wool from respectable mills normally runs around 45 pounds (e.g. Dugdale, Lesser) per metre.
Yes it was a lovely night. Thank you Journeyman for organising it. Felt really welcome amongst the Brissy crew, despite being the seedy Victorian that I am.
Yes, was no where even near the $1500 mark.
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