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Just received my shipment today. Quick shipping, great seller - prompt responses, and pleasure to deal with, and items match description. What more can you ask for? Blown away by the quality of the chain links
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Call them? Light bulb
Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe I do hope that you mean you are going to purchase them also if they fit and not just ask her to specially order them in for you to try on and then buy them off pediwear? If it really is $600, I would have no qualms purchasing from them. Afterall, good customer service does have value in my eyes. Went into American Tailors on Bourke Street today, and the guy quoted me $695 for the Selbourne...
Not sure if it's been said before, but had a chat to the girl in Herringbone on 25 Collins St on Wednesday and she mentioned that they were going to bring in quite a few Crocket & Jones shoes to the Sydney store. The Collins Place store had a pair of brown Hallam oxfords and a double strap monks (not sure whats the model name), both in the elegant 348 last. Some handgrades were mentioned as well going for A$600. If you are in Melbourne and want to try a pair on, just...
Quote: Originally Posted by elvish Went into the Rhodes & B (Brisbane) store after buying up at Ralph Today. They will be having a "major private sale next Tuesday. Much better than polo" as the gent was nice enough to say to me after seeing my bulk purchase next door.. 180 suits all for $299 apparently as well as $50 shirts. Thanks for the info mate. Picked up some knitted silk ties at RL myself at $50 a pop. '
Just sent you a PM. Great looking cufflinks
[[SPOILER]] I never liked "busy" watches myself, but I must say that thats a damn good looking watch.
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