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Try Louisa in 151 Collins Street. They always seem to have some Church's and Trickers in store at 40-60% off, which would bring them down to your price range.
^ sounds about right
I'll probably try to drop by for a cheeky drink after work.
Dear Lluvia,Thank you for the prompt response. Based on your comments, I think I shall buy from your website, enjoy the slight discount afforded by our strong currency at the moment, then use or a dozen other similar forwarding services to get my products from your US site.While your generous offer for free shipping is tempting, I think I might take a $30 hit on shipping it from the US myself and just settle for the 30% discount of your Australian site...
I don't see any harm in donning a buttondown, a sportcoat and some nice chinos on Fridays when I don't have to meet clients - maybe even a knit-tie. I have fun on business/smart-casual day.Problem with making it strictly "casual" is because that's when ironic t-shirts and black skinny jeans rear they ugly head (although in some work environments, I know this is somehow accepted as business casual).Also, second the opinion you should pop by PJohnson.
Agreed. I think I saw some write up on Broadsheet Melbourne where the owner of a shoe shop said loafers must never be worn without socks. I remember thinking he was a hack. Loafers can absolutely be worn with socks or sans socks.Also, boat shoes and driving mocs look odd to me when worn with socks. Almost as bad as the sandals+socks combo.
Is this $99 each?
I've bought a few of these cufflinks from this seller and they are still going strong. Construction is top notch.
Up for sale are a pair of Ralph Lauren 100% Linen "Preston" pants in Navy blue. The perfect summertime pant, this was purchased 6 months ago, but I have decided to let this pair go in a recent closet clean. They are steamed after every wear, and come from a smoke and pet free home. The pants have been cuffed with 1.5 inch cuffs, which can easily be let out or increased as needed. No other alterations were done on these trousers. Details: Twill weave linen that is sturdy,...
What great colours! Could you pm or put up the dimensions please? This is not going to end well for my wallet
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