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What size were they? From my exp the skinnies even a size up will fit big and fit too small knee down. Disclosure I don't skip leg day
Any of you guys ship a case of beer before? I'm talking 12 bombers of beer? Best way and quickest? I've sent a bottle or two but never a case!
art makin me jealous, that is one cool denim fit.
sounds like awesome + islay scotch bliss to me
All the sour talk got me thirsty. Almanac dogpatch strawberry tonight.
Brand new without tags, one pair of Robert Geller Tencel Flight Pants in size 48 black. I purchased this pair and a size 50, decided to keep the size 50. For reference I'm 6'2 w/ a 33" waist. Size 48 fit me well all around except the lower leg in which I wanted more space. The size 50's gave me the extra room in the lower leg I wanted. Price includes shipping and paypal fees in the U.S. Measurements: Waist (non-stretched) 14.5" Hem (non-stretched) 6" Inseam 30"
Have the 48's scooped up the 50's yesterday. I'm not sure where the size down fits were but I think sizing up would do better for me. Will see which one I like the better and probably put up the other FS.
Having just moved to San Fran from LA, this is an excellent idea. I still subscribe to the "LA dining and shopping" swd thread and its been great, wish there was one for SF as well...There's a StyleForum shopping map found here for starters http://www.styleforum.net/a/san-francisco-shopping-map*edit* only been in SF for less than two weeks and Mikkellers has been a godsend. Great spot for beer, food is pretty good to boot.
I had the same issue, re-registered same e-mail and it worked
Not to mention opaque soles too
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