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I had the same issue, re-registered same e-mail and it worked
Not to mention opaque soles too
I had my eye on that jacket too, GBear. Hot damn that looks fantastic, great pickup. Are those the coated 5 pocket pants? How did you size if so?
I got my shipping notice same day I ordered. Was really impressed, thanks Fok!
Oops forgot about this thread. I don't really go to a regular place. I would say Sushi Sushi only because it is really convenient for me on my lunch break, but now that SugarFish is also nearby I go there a few times too. I don't eat sushi once a week, but on occasion. Living on the west side I also visit the typical Sawtelle stops (Hide, Hayama, Kiriko), and many other listed on this thread. I think its fun to visit the many different offerings we got in LA, though I...
MONDAY13 15% off entire site @ La Garconne
site is crashin hard. people goin ham on socks
Starts midnight 11/28
Maybe that means more cans for the current list of distributors?
Costco (west coast anyways) put up their Lagavulin 16 for ~$54, and Oban 14 for ~$48. Picked up a few bottles this past weekend. I know it's been cheaper but what the hell?
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