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Welp didn't know I wasn't supposed to include my name/SF user on the note I wrote.
That crime is no joke. Fresh bottle was like drinking hot sauce!
That ruins the fun habitant! Ken, did everyone send you tracking #'s?
Post a fit plz melo. I have too many sneakers already
Box is out to FedEx.
Just picked up a box, still need packing peanuts but will try to have mine out this weekend. I promise it's worth it!
Not to throw you a curveball either, but I went TTS in AW14 tank and it fits a bit slim. It does stretch, so after some wear it should stretch out to a "looser" fit if thats what you're going for. For reference I'm 6'2 and it hits just below the crotch on my pants fully extended.
I have both ss and aw knit tanks and this seasons is longer and thicker for what it's worth
next level rafstros?
Can't believe a city like SF can get shut down this hard by some rain. Source: from LA
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