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Me too plz. And a good shoe cobbler if you got one! SF/peninsula
After walking six blocks to my bus stop due to "civil unrest" on the train stations here in SF, I witnessed some next level? waywt action. Dude propped up a point & shoot camera, balanced on top of a venti Starbucks coffee cup, on top of a metal rail. Backdrop? Wall of disgruntled commuters waiting in a line for the next bus. Proceeded to take 5-6 shots of himself in front of the line in various poses, shouting gibberish the entire time and walked off into the morning...
good start robot, but bring back @Synthese's What is Styleforum Wearing xx.xx.xxxx
Probably see more ankle skin at Pitti too
Both M+S and Acrimony are sold out already. Your best bet if you want this season's is to go with whatever stock is left online.
I was at barneys SF a few weeks ago and selection was pretty disappointing. NY and BH both had better selections. Really dissapointing they dropped Geller in general too.
M&S has the sage in sand/camel color in 3&4. I definitely need a 5 😤
Grabbing lunch after work and debating if I should come back in a few hours to grab these...
ho-lee shee-et make it happen. SF video please.
The five of you rolling on scooters in slow motion past the Pitti wall with Puff Daddy "Bad Boy for Life" blastin seems to be the first thing that pops in my mind. Video please. The SF Pitti coverage gets better every year. Don't forget your chapstick.
New Posts  All Forums: