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or just remember to shoot first
If you guys in MO are willing to send bottles I'd take some stuff from Perennial!!
I have to say that west coast IPAs have got me spoiled. A lot of my east coast buddies fawn over sculpin, but it's pretty pedestrian over where I'm at. Btw, If any of you east coasters really want any RR stuff hit me up. I get bottles on the regular either locally or at the source. Just not this week due to the younger shitstorm.
@Abraxis shoulda brought noodles up in person. Parents introduced me to that style very young, but now I dream of it. I agree with previous posts that last few spots are in South Bay unfortunately. My dad used to make some at home from scratch but it's now a lost art (I'm a shifty ass son).
In the back of a crowded bar, I took my left shoe off so that @Synthese could try it on.
I'm a 43 in cp sneakers (although I probably should go 44 to bypass the initial break in foot pain), and boots I find a bit roomier in the same size usually. I took a 43.
Copped the boots, and I am wearing a Thomas coat today. The neck is a bit itchy, but I'm prone to itch on any wool anyways. It's not too bad, but it did soften a bit from when it was new. I do wear mine a lot for work though so it's gotten worn in quite a bit.
I just picked up some love child #4 as well!! I just grabbed a '15 sucaba last weekend and the store had an entire shelf full of it and will probably pick some more up later to age. With SF beer week kicking off tomorrow I'm not sure I'll be able to pop this guy open for another week or so. Still got 1 '13 and 2 '14's left maybe can do a vertical. If you pop yours let me know what you think!
I'll come by after work. Will not show up drunk this time (no promises). Maybe @Abraxis @cyc wid it @el Bert @Parker can too
Me too plz. And a good shoe cobbler if you got one! SF/peninsula
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