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Assuming you would get MMM velcros from totokaelo, they got 20% code through end of today too TKBDAY
Alpine made some great stuff, just hope that with Green Flash buying them out they will continue to do so!
I'm in this year for sure. Still settling in to a new area but being in CA I have many options to share.
Despite binging on beer at a local bar earlier, I came home wanting one more beer before the week starts. Bomb! it was. Big chocolate notes on nose and on taste, somewhat bitter for a stout. On the flat side of things- I wished this beer had more carbonation as this beer poured almost no head. Despite this, I enjoyed it with a home made s'more and what a combo that was. Hope you can get your hands on a bottle, cheers!
Bar local to me has bottles to go. Got one in the fridge and will pop this weekend.
Within the past hour, yes. 11:45pm PST to be specific
Meaning I was sent an email saying jacket shipped with a tracking number
Didn't really post in the midst of this shitstorm but I just got tracking from Drew for my last order toj0 July 12.
I got the pulllover crewneck version and I'm on the fence about keepin it. It is fabric blocked in addition to the color and definitely feels warm, but apparently I got some pussy ass skin cuz I was itchy just from trying it on. The arms are a good length- allows for slight stacking (ribbed cuffs help too), but I do wish it had a little more length in the body (although I'm 6'1 sz48). Granted, we're talking different styles of the same material, hope this helps your...
Forward got some long shirts back in stock: http://www.forwardforward.com/fw/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=RERX-MS62&d=Mens can use iphone app for 15% off to boot: iforward15
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