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Hit me up if you decide (M? L?)
Got my new Robbie CPs in. Definitely darker purple and grey than black in person. Comfy right out the box
Went TTS, would cop if I didn't already have a black b3 Should also say TTS fits roomy for layers as well
I have em too. Yes spats are removable. Big difference from what I've seen from CP offering is the all leather sole. I haven't seen cp release full leather bottoms in a while on the combat boots. I also have the aw15 side zips and compared to them they are more roomy, esp in the toe. Side zips are much more sleek if that helps.
The hood version is no slouch but I had my eye on this one. Detachable fur collar too
oh so these fit
Happy new year beer Thanks again to the holiday beer it forward from @ocooney for this gem. So much juice, refreshing change from west coast IPAs.
My box is set to be delivered on Tues. I'm an idiot and forgot to put my note inside. I'll pm you when it gets closer! Hope you enjoy
Came home after a grueling day at work to a large surprise from @ocooney Thank you for sending me the trifecta of what the north east has to offer (and Lawson's to boot!). I finally get to sample some of that goodness @Ken P keeps posting about. Merry Christmas to you! Cheers edit* Contents: Tree House Curiosity 23 Lawson's Finest Liquids Double or Nothing Maple Barley Wine Trillium Vicinity DIPA Hill Farmstead Vera Mae Allagash Farm to Face 2x Tree House Julius So...
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