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it's annoying, but hey, it is what it is
just slowly started getting into nicer and nicer clothing..
^very nice leather up above
BIN = $400 obo paypal only shipping included in agreed upon price I have a pair of DH black silver selvage jeans for sale. These jeans are extremely rare, and are not to be mistaken for the regular MIJ raws by Dior Homme. This jean was released in 2007, and has never been produced again in black by Dior. The denim quality of these is also much higher than regular raw denim. They are more of a true "black" color, as there is not as much white thread exposed in the weave...
any std just sounds terrifying
watched lock,. stock, and two smoking barrels last night. classic
i'd go to your fathers uv
i like this thread. many doors opened for me that i didnt know about previously
dressing rooms getting trashed. sucks
amex sounds promising, (as promising as a card will get) i'm about to apply. . .
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