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Quote: Originally Posted by kixslf -sweet Nudies *throws computer at the wall Thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel Best fit yet- work on the stance though. Thanks, man. Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren +1. JasonCali - Nice submariner. Also like the McNairy DB's. I'll leave it at that. Not feeling the framed TV... Thanks. It's not a framed tv. It's a...
Cafe Carlyle Balthazar on Spring Street Pastis in the MePa Bouchon at the TWC Sarabeth's in the UWS Cafe Gitane at the Jane Gemma at The Bowery Penelope on Lex
Here you go. I took these today. '10 Bentley Flying Spur Speed (Havana Duo tone exterior and tannish/cognac interior).
Gucci leather jacket Antelope fur wool scarf J. Crew tee Nudie slim jim jeans Mark McNairy suede desert boots Rolex white gold Submariner watch
Quote: Originally Posted by cowsareforeating @jasoncali constructive criticism! jean fit is off, I would stay away from tapered and just go slim straight if I were you, jacket is too puffy as you yourself stated -- and you mightneed something to completement those shoes Thanks. I appreciate it. Quote: Originally Posted by cocostella Right. Regardless, the backlash here is redonkulous. If you want honest criticism...
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr I want your job, whatever it is. (but not necessarily the Bentley) Well, I'm a grad student at the moment, but thanks, I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr Baller. Any pics? I'd love to. I'll take pics tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Fuck, man, multi quote is not that complicated. Christ. I always liked those lanvins but green sneakers are sort of hard to wear so I didn't kop. Jacket looks terrible and the sleeves even look too short. Thin finn is not a cut suited to the bigger dude. I agree about the shoes, that they're hard to match with clothes. I have them in about a dozen other colors, which I honestly like...
2010 Bentley Flying Spur Speed here in London. Back home in LA, I own a '08 DB9 Volante, a '10 G55 AMG, and a '10 v12 760li.
Quote: Originally Posted by BillyMaysHere! I don't mean to be an arse, but you look like a bowling ball in this fit. I think it's the puffiness of the jacket, really doesn't suit too many body types. Also, fyi, is that a power band on your right wrist? Yeah, the jacket is really puffy. I'm also wearing a thick thermal undershirt under my henley. It's freezing here in London... Yeah, I'm wearing a power balance bracelet, why?
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