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Quote: Originally Posted by slide13 Really need some EG pants but want some in khaki rather then the more commonly found green ones I think. What are the back pockets like on the USN pant, can only find pics of the front. They seem like a basic chino style pant? Also, how is the sizing on EG pants, never had a pair before? Check Bureau - they always have good pictures and detailed measurements. The pants I've had are all true to size...
how close to actual color are you pics of the Billy Reid cords?
I actually have a barely used pair of the black with white wedge sole chippewa boots you posted, size 9.5. I sent you a PM.
I have last year's version of this cardigan. It seems pretty nice to me--interesting texture, nice buttons and good fit. I got a size 2 which I'd say equates to a fairly fitted size small in other things.
How is that belt sized? IE would it work for a 30 waist?
Got my black (more like gray) heavy chambray cinch pants today. Awesome fabric. I'm tempted to also pick up the houndstooth too now!
You can go one up on the cardigan ( I have one from 2008 I think). I wear XS in EG shirts and S in the shawl cardigan is pretty fitted.
45rpm looks good worn loose.
I'm into the houndstooth cinch pants. Any stockists in the US?
^ i got that Folk cardigan (in grey) last year, I love it, wish it was warm enough for winter though.
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