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George Green and Syd Jerome.
Thank you very much! I'll be sure to inform you of my experience. Definitely will do the bath house thing. Any good stores?
I will be in Istanbul next week for a couple of days. Can anyone recommend any specialty stores or restaurants? Thanking you in advance, Lewis
One of the sales guys at Borelli told me that they plan to open in Boston...
I just love their suits.
What are you choices for top retailers in the U.S? Here are mine: 1.) Bergdorf Goodman 2.) Wilkes Bashford 3.) Barney's 4.) Mitchell's 5.) Louis 6.) Mario's..
I think the quality of Kiton and Bontoni and Lobb is as good as that of Lattanzi
There is no question Lattanzi makes a great shoe. His styling and coloring, however, is no longer what is used to be. Have you ever seen his factory? He's a character...
aportnoy, I see you like your Edward Green? Do you prefer Green over Lobb?
Don't have any Edward Greens now. I used to have a pair many years ago. Great shoe but the styling is a little, well, too English.
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