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Tiger Of Sweden - Jacket Marc by Marc Jacobs - Shirt Profoumo - Wool Tie Vintage - Scarf Tiger Of Sweden - Pants Allen Edmonds - Shoes
Personally im not the Paisley tie`s biggest fan, but i have seen them on some of my older friends, they do it big. So it`s possible looking good with the Paisley. No doubt. But again, not for me.
Today im dressed in a jumpsuit from Comme des Garçons, and actually a pair of UGG slippers
http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr....U2j386uognQ%3D My winterboots this year. They are From Hugo Boss Orange. I`m very pleased with them, i also bought a pair of Red Wings, but the sole on them broke after 3 weeks, on the icy flats in Norway.
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