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Fortunately the Canali I own right now is navy. Would you recommend I try to find another Kiton that's more durable and perhaps a charcoal? Perhaps another brand?
Hello All! I'm currently looking to pick up my second "nice" suit, and was considering dabbling into Kiton. I'm quite fond of this suit from STF , but if anyone has a better suggestion of where to spend that money (or less) I'm open to suggestions. I currently have a Canali suit that I'm very happy with, but would perhaps like to expand my horizons.
Why Couldn't that Hermes Jacket be a 48 instead of a 50! WHY?!
So beautiful, yet so big.
Pm sent
^Amen. If only I was a wealthier man or at least used a suit more often.
Just selling a pair of my Gucci hightops of which I have two pairs, long story. They are accented with crocodile leather and come with original box, etc. Here is a link to them featured as new. Contact me with details regarding shipping. $200 For pictures I can email them to you or if you sign into facebook, check out this link to them
I need that blue Cucinelli coat in my life! If I can sell my Nikon D90 and accessories I will definitely think about it, if not than at least definitely them Camel
This is my size! Pics and Prices PLEASE!
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