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Gentlemen, Came across and today. I encourage you to check both sites out. I think it would be worth your journey. Frankly, it's about time they launch. While you are at it, check out (my personal favorite). Anyone know the ETA for
for me, Kiton, Bontoni and lattanzi are the top Italian producers. Lobb and Edward Green top the list for English bootmakers...No Japanese made the list?
Get Smart, you are quite clever. I actually failed to mention that this Bontoni model has a discreet elegance...there is nothing ostentatious about it. I think the color is quite and unique and subdued. When it comes to shoe colors, however, I think men in this country need to move beyond the ordinary browns and blacks. They need to be adventurous. Bontoni and Berluti-arguably the best two that specialize in shoe coloring, just have to keep plugging away. With...
I would buy them from you but they are not my size. Frankly, I would advise you to keep them! They are truly exceptional shoes. They run head to head with my John Lobbs. I have two pairs of Bontoni-both are similar in color. I can't tell you how many compliments I get for the coloring. I beg to differ with you regarding the limited options in which a color like that permits you to match with your wardrobe. By the way, wear did you buy them?
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