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Hi all, As so many others before me, I am now in a job situation where suiting up is required once in a while. I am looking to buy one or two suits in a slim, short cut, preferably dark navy and charcoal. My budget is around 700 - 1000 USD (400 - 600 EUR). I am located in Europe (UK/DK) - so a brand available within the EU would be best. Could you gives please give me some tips regarding which brands are best bang for the buck?
Fuck my life. Now I want something in diesel suede lamb. There is not enough days in the week for my TOJ rotation
I would be very interested in a bag with a shoulder strap or two. Having to carry the bag in hand all the time is just too impractical for my lifestyle. Also, man purse lol.
Please do elaborate a bit on your thoughts regarding a helmet bag
Surely you must have had something more specific in mind when you responded to my post saying you preferred the non-cropped look (i.e. implipying the longer fits in examples)?
Just out of interest; what do you guys mean by non-cropped? Having the moto sit so you expose a bit of belt is a tremendously better look than one where the moto covers your jean pockets to a point where it is make it or break it in my opinion.
In my oppinion it is alpha and omega to get the right length on the jacket (body and sleeves), then breadth of the body itself is less important. The key to a a great TOJ fit, is to have the body end right on the top half of where your belt typically sits. If the jacket is any longer, it will look off in a leather-blanket kind of way, and even more off when you sit down in it.Examples of good fits (length is where it should be) [[SPOILER]] Examples of too long fit...
Of course this comes from the same kind of guy who does not want to pay full price for a new leather jacket.
Brand new black lamb 'minimalistic CWU':And my two year old black lamb MDR
Wearing my new, black collar-less, planket-less, name tag-less CWU with indigo jeans today #bad4life #thatsmellofnewtoj
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