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Of course this comes from the same kind of guy who does not want to pay full price for a new leather jacket.
Brand new black lamb 'minimalistic CWU':And my two year old black lamb MDR
Wearing my new, black collar-less, planket-less, name tag-less CWU with indigo jeans today #bad4life #thatsmellofnewtoj
I'm 5'10'', 159lbs, and I wouldn't want my size 50 BB to be any smaller in the shoulders.
Got a tracking number today. mfw:
A size 46 would be way too small. I am 5.9 - 5.10ish, 160lbs, and my 48 was too tight for my liking. My 50 BB (which is roomer than the TOJ1) I wouldn't want to size down on either. So you would probably be best off with a 50-52 TOJ1 with 47ish length.
Basically, yeah. It doesn't make much sense to state 8 weeks, when the actual lead time turn out to be 16 weeks etc. It would be smart in, a customer service kind of way, to simply state the highest expected lead time when someone puts in an order. People would be much happier getting their jackets earlier than expected than having to wait for them longer than told. Especially now that TOJ is going JC, and the customer base expands beyond SF and SUFU. I don't mind the...
I have ended up with three black TOJ leathers... So I am thinking about trading a 47ish MDR to a 47ish brown Bomber with sherling collar. If anyone has the reverse thoughts. Let me know,
FIFYIt would be convinient, if Charly started telling people what waiting time they could expect when ordering. People not following this thread probably don't expect the kind of lead times TOJ has had since the relaunch. Just a thought
My BB finally got through after 11 days in customs. I love this jacket already. It's size 50 with 47 lengths.
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