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^ When did you order, and what jacket is it?
Also, I just want to make clear that I am not speaking against the new MA-1 iteration, because I think it looks fucking dope. What I am (trying to) speaking against is the auto-reaction of a certain group of overly attached tojfriends, who attack anyone who posts anything that is not outright praise.
Fair.But in the close up pictures, it looks like pinstripes to me. And I am probably very much average Joe.
It is quite simple, Brad. Drew shows off a new product, people give feedback on it. Drew is something of a genius when it comes to designing these jackets, granted, but people will still voice their opinions. When you release a MA-1 in an unconventional material, then you should expect some comments. I mean, if you released a DR in a non-leather material, then people would speak up, regardless of the quality of said piece (this is only an example). If you expect to be...
The way the new MA-1 sits and drapes is close to perfection. The pin-striped material hasn't convinced me though. But that's not to say that I am not going to get it. Because. I'm probably going to.
SNS is a fisherman working clothes brand. Stop expecting cashmere and fashion forward cuts already. There a plenty of brands catering that segment.
That thing is beyond sex.
The same reason why people don't get a Schott, or MMM, or Rick and so on leather jacket.People can give their feedback and post their opinions in a thread like this. Otherwise, it would be redundant. Get over it.Really? Reaaaaaally? What is this, a kindergarden? Do you honestly believe Drew is so thin skinned that he would cancel one of the (cornerstone) products of his new JC line, just because some lads on Styleforum rather want nylon or what not?
I can't, however, understand people who expect everyone to simply praise everything Drew makes. If the guy posts a mysterious picture of a prototype MA-1 without any in-depth detail then of course people will start buzzing. And, as someone said before, the only thing more annoying than the complainers is the fan-boys' redundant 'wtf guys' and 'Drew know best' comments. And this is coming from a guy who appreciate Drew's work to a degree where I own three TOJ jackets, and...
Been spending some dough this week... and.. and... and..
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