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Info on that bag, please.
Might be a stupid question, but what makes these moma shoes different to the number of other, very similar moma shoes on yoox?
I would be all over a waxed cotton m65-like jacket. It is time, Drew.
There was not the slightest twist of sarcasm in my fingers when I typed that. Even though I can see in retrospect how one could read it that way.
Louis W. x APC is beyond any reasonable doubt inspired by TOJ. It is quite obvious.
Suit Supply looks to be exactly what I am looking for. Thanks so much for your help, everyone.
I've been trying to find a list like that but with no luck so far. What I am really after, is a couple of brand names that would deliver good value for money, as my mind is an utterly blank slate when it comes to "classic menswear". In other words, I need something to go for when I start my buy/sell, ebay, yoox, and sales hunt for my new suits. Any advice and help is appreciated.
Hi all, As so many others before me, I am now in a job situation where suiting up is required once in a while. I am looking to buy one or two suits in a slim, short cut, preferably dark navy and charcoal. My budget is around 700 - 1000 USD (400 - 600 EUR). I am located in Europe (UK/DK) - so a brand available within the EU would be best. Could you gives please give me some tips regarding which brands are best bang for the buck?
Fuck my life. Now I want something in diesel suede lamb. There is not enough days in the week for my TOJ rotation
New Posts  All Forums: