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I want to grab a pair of Moma derbies. I am usually a 42. Do the momas run true to size, or how should I fit them? A quick answer would be highly appreciated.
Don't worry. Recently, this thread has been a magnet on people who needs SF as a venue for asserting their social status through excessively aggressive and negative behaviour. Unfortunately, this climate seemsto be self-enhancing.
Those pockets have little in common with the Admirals coat. Again, you're kind of stading the obvious in a rather butthurt manner. Please disregard my post. I thought it would be interesting to people, but obviously it only worked to induce annoyance here.
I was merely referring to the extra set of pockets and the leather trimmed collar, which, in fact, makes this particular Burberry peacoat look a lot like the TOJ Admiral coat.Where do you people get all your butthurt and need-to-state-the-obvious? :-/
Thank you for the insightful reply.
Yeah, I am quite surprised that these wont go. I sold the exact same pair in dark brown for 300 + shipping the day after I put them up last year.
With the extra pockets and the leather trimmed labels too?
Today I learned that Burberry liked the TOJ Admirals coat so much that they thought it should live when TOJ dies.
What is this sudden craze with BCDRs about? I mean, it's not like it's a novelty or anything.
Yeah, defninietly compromise your preferences in order to rock something different than the 0.000000002% of the worlds population, who are also going to be the happy owners of a TOJ0 jacket.Or, you could just get whatever you think looks best.
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