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Let's get a couple of things straight. The Stark IS supposed to fit long. It is designed to fall below your waist. And I can say this coming from a family who have worn SNS for three generations.Danes, as well as other Scandinavians, might be slightly taller than average, but this fact has no influence on the design of Danish clothing. I don't know who started this myth, but PLEASE stop repeating it. It is utter nonsense.Mike and Suneminyo's fits are great.
I got a shipping notice this morning for my moto. Exactly 15 weeks after I ordered. You'll probably get it next week or so.
Would love to see some more and better pictures of that leather ma-1.
Yeah, the biker style jackets coming out now have had a production time of approx 3½ months. But that's not to say that if you put in an order now, it will take more than 8 weeks to ship.
Does that mean a price point over the so called Woodyear Equilibrium (aka 1000 USD)?
inb4 shitstorm
Up for sale is a pair of MMM boots in one of my favorite colours: cobber brown. The picture doesn't really do the colour justice. I recently bought them off ebay, but I somehow managed to win three different pairs of MMM boots in the same week, so I have to let these go. The previous seller have worn this a bit, but they are still in good condition, with lots and lots of life left in them. The size is tagged EU 41 but run bigger. I usually wear 42 or 42,5, and these fit...
I guess what I most anticipate from the JC makeover is the potentially lower production times. It would be convenient if you could order late summer, when you start to get into a fall state of mind, and actually have the jacket that fall. The same goes with winter, spring and summer. FYI: I am on 13 weeks waiting for a Moto leather, and I am on 10 weeks waiting for a BB jacket.
Does anyone have any experience with Alpha Industries MA-1? Is it worth a hundred bucks, or is there somewhere else I can get a good quality MA-1 in black?
^ When did you order, and what jacket is it?
New Posts  All Forums: