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In my oppinion, the typical white tee + jeans + DR fit can quite easily make a caricature of the wearer. I, for one, don't wear the MDR to get the rockabilly look, but rather because it adds a bit of edge to what I usually wear. Which is mostly BCDRs, coloured tees, and jumpers. I also feel my collarless CWU goes way better with tees per se. The cloth collar of the CWU feels better on the skin than the leather collar of the MDR. That might be a reason why I typically go...
I more or less only wear my MDR with button downs. If you rather want the MDR, you should just get that. IMO, the only "difficult" (i.e it's not) look to pull with that jacket I raw jeans and white tshirt. And that's only difficult when you are not in a bar environment.
It's an awesome combi, do it!
Thanks for the invite, but the bolded part is really what I am trying to avoid Also, dark brown goatskin is really nice!
Off topic: Lol, is that Rob Stark in the tv show? He is so much younger in the books. Kind of glad that I haven't jumped the GoT tv show bandwagon. Would probably ruin my mental images for ever.On topic: Please give me a duffle bag and/or some new lighter jackets I can spend my money on, drew!
Exciting! I could definitely use a TOJ duffle / weekender bag! (and a TOJ waxed cotton military jacket *winkwink*)
Go on; I'd die a happy man.
Can someone please elaborate on the supposed TOJ dufflebag..? It buggers me that I cannot find any deeds on it. Is it even a TOJ in the first place?
Selling this pair of tan leather Maison Martin Margiela side zips. They are tagged EU size 41, but fit's like size 42. They have been used only very scarecly, as evident from the pictures. There is a small nick one of the bootnecks, but it is small and located right where the jeans cover it anyway. The actual measurements are as follows: The Length is: 11" 9/16 Width at widest point: 4" 9/16 or 10/16 299 USD 149 + shipping (PP gift or add 4%)
Save USD 220 and 3 months wait on this TOJ Moto Because my CWU and MDR get all the street time, I feel it is a shame to have a 870 dollar jacket hanging unused in the closet, and I have decided to let it go to someone who would love it more. The dark brown goatskin is amazing. Indoors it looks black, and in the sun the intricate shades of brown show among the blackness of the hide. It is impossible for me to explain it, really, but I'd say that the biggest perk of the...
New Posts  All Forums: