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With the extra pockets and the leather trimmed labels too?
Today I learned that Burberry liked the TOJ Admirals coat so much that they thought it should live when TOJ dies.
What is this sudden craze with BCDRs about? I mean, it's not like it's a novelty or anything.
Yeah, defninietly compromise your preferences in order to rock something different than the 0.000000002% of the worlds population, who are also going to be the happy owners of a TOJ0 jacket.Or, you could just get whatever you think looks best.
CWU > leather MA-1.
Am I right in assuming this shirt would fit a normal M? I know it's XS, but the stated measurements look quite big for that size.
In my oppinion, the typical white tee + jeans + DR fit can quite easily make a caricature of the wearer. I, for one, don't wear the MDR to get the rockabilly look, but rather because it adds a bit of edge to what I usually wear. Which is mostly BCDRs, coloured tees, and jumpers. I also feel my collarless CWU goes way better with tees per se. The cloth collar of the CWU feels better on the skin than the leather collar of the MDR. That might be a reason why I typically go...
I more or less only wear my MDR with button downs. If you rather want the MDR, you should just get that. IMO, the only "difficult" (i.e it's not) look to pull with that jacket I raw jeans and white tshirt. And that's only difficult when you are not in a bar environment.
It's an awesome combi, do it!
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