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My BB finally got through after 11 days in customs. I love this jacket already. It's size 50 with 47 lengths.
Aha. It could be the guy who cuts the motos does it differently than the guy who cuts the mdr's, then. If it is different persons at all, that is.
I think the bigger cuffs is a new twist to the design. The cuffs on my MDR from early 2011 are so tight that when I zip them up they sort of lock around my wrists, which I like. My Moto from December 2012 has so big cuffs that I can get my fist through easily, and I really dont like that, had the sleeves been any longer than they are, it would have been a deal breaker in fact,Edit: But kudos to Charly for getting the length of the sleeves exactly right
NOT THE... SAME PRICE^???%#}#^$>>^*+£>
I had the same experience. I did end up getting the item in the end though, but that is probably only because I am a persistant fucker. None the less. I am not shopping there again. My no-shop list only contain two shops: Largaconne and Endclothing. Shitty stores both.
Aha. I didn't realize the MA-1 would be build on the CWU body, so to speak.
^ Wait, that is the CWU there, right?
^ And so does the pockets etc. My guess is that the jacket is relatively small.
Synthese's was grey? It looked brown to me
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