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Why even waste your time writing an arrogant answer like that?.. In my experience, some of the models and leather types (lamb is more forgiving than goat or calf in this repsect) tend to cause a rather pronounced "fold" on the shoulder tops. And they do not go (all the way) away with time. It might be a conscious part of the design, but I typically prefer a more smooth and round should myself.
Bought this from another member. At 170lbs and 5'10", this jacket is a bit too tight and a bit too short for me, which really fucks me off, because the leather and the zips are perfect! Anyway, my loss, someone else's potential gain. SS 2008 edition. Leather: black calf. The calf is very supple and soft, so it doesn't need any breaking in. Zipper: silver MRS Size: 46 fits slim. Will work for 44-46 depending on how you would like the jacket to fit Condition: 9/10, the...
Yeah, that bandwagon.
One of the best fitting Moto's out there. I had the exact same combo, and I agree that the dark brown goat is lush! It had a quite 'boxy'/square fit on my body, unfortunately, so I sold it.
That's what she said. [[SPOILER]] EDIT: lol read that as "put it in". Didn't nail a single it *feelsbadman*
Thinner? Uhm. I wouldn't mind a TOJ in a thinner leather as my last item. Maybe a channel quilt BCDR in navy lamb would be something to go for. Urgh. Don't really know how that would work out, though.
Good looking jacket. How does the blue lamb compare to the black (thickness, touch etc.)?
Alright, now down to 150 USD. I doubt you'll ever see these any lower. They retailed for around 600 dollars.
Never cheap out on the peanut butter.
This place has become the most hostile thread in the forum by orders of magnitudes.If all you want to do is look at pictures of jackets, go to the gallery. I promise you, no one is "clogging up the fucking thread" there.
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