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Save USD 220 and 3 months wait on this TOJ Moto Because my CWU and MDR get all the street time, I feel it is a shame to have a 870 dollar jacket hanging unused in the closet, and I have decided to let it go to someone who would love it more. The dark brown goatskin is amazing. Indoors it looks black, and in the sun the intricate shades of brown show among the blackness of the hide. It is impossible for me to explain it, really, but I'd say that the biggest perk of the...
Info on that bag, please.
Might be a stupid question, but what makes these moma shoes different to the number of other, very similar moma shoes on yoox?
I would be all over a waxed cotton m65-like jacket. It is time, Drew.
There was not the slightest twist of sarcasm in my fingers when I typed that. Even though I can see in retrospect how one could read it that way.
Louis W. x APC is beyond any reasonable doubt inspired by TOJ. It is quite obvious.
Suit Supply looks to be exactly what I am looking for. Thanks so much for your help, everyone.
I've been trying to find a list like that but with no luck so far. What I am really after, is a couple of brand names that would deliver good value for money, as my mind is an utterly blank slate when it comes to "classic menswear". In other words, I need something to go for when I start my buy/sell, ebay, yoox, and sales hunt for my new suits. Any advice and help is appreciated.
Hi all, As so many others before me, I am now in a job situation where suiting up is required once in a while. I am looking to buy one or two suits in a slim, short cut, preferably dark navy and charcoal. My budget is around 700 - 1000 USD (400 - 600 EUR). I am located in Europe (UK/DK) - so a brand available within the EU would be best. Could you gives please give me some tips regarding which brands are best bang for the buck?
New Posts  All Forums: