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That's what she said. [[SPOILER]] EDIT: lol read that as "put it in". Didn't nail a single it *feelsbadman*
Thinner? Uhm. I wouldn't mind a TOJ in a thinner leather as my last item. Maybe a channel quilt BCDR in navy lamb would be something to go for. Urgh. Don't really know how that would work out, though.
Good looking jacket. How does the blue lamb compare to the black (thickness, touch etc.)?
Alright, now down to 150 USD. I doubt you'll ever see these any lower. They retailed for around 600 dollars.
Never cheap out on the peanut butter.
This place has become the most hostile thread in the forum by orders of magnitudes.If all you want to do is look at pictures of jackets, go to the gallery. I promise you, no one is "clogging up the fucking thread" there.
I want to grab a pair of Moma derbies. I am usually a 42. Do the momas run true to size, or how should I fit them? A quick answer would be highly appreciated.
Don't worry. Recently, this thread has been a magnet on people who needs SF as a venue for asserting their social status through excessively aggressive and negative behaviour. Unfortunately, this climate seemsto be self-enhancing.
Those pockets have little in common with the Admirals coat. Again, you're kind of stading the obvious in a rather butthurt manner. Please disregard my post. I thought it would be interesting to people, but obviously it only worked to induce annoyance here.
I was merely referring to the extra set of pockets and the leather trimmed collar, which, in fact, makes this particular Burberry peacoat look a lot like the TOJ Admiral coat.Where do you people get all your butthurt and need-to-state-the-obvious? :-/
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