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I am a size 9 in Chucks, 9 in wolverine 1000mile boot. Would I be 8 or 9 in CP Ankle Boots you guys reckon? Quick answer = ++ internets.
I live in NYC at the moment, just never got about to change my location. I am seriously tempted to buy a pair, I really enjoy my raw denim. How would you guys say the quality is vis a vis the raw denim? And what is the idea with them, are you also supposed to wear them for months without wash to obtain certain fades?
Thank you, that is sound advice.And how much are they in the APC store? After deducting the 20% VAT, they come out as 174 incl. shipping from tresbienshop.
What do you guys reckon is the best place to buy the MIJ black petit standards for sub-retail? Tresbien's only got size s4 left, and i need 30 (or 29). Thanks y'all.
You're a stock 48 (most likely).
I'm up for a beer and a chat next weekend in the soho/ev area. Don't really need to get measured though
This thread is ruining my economy faser than a greek government. Stop. It.
A prolly dumb question: Are the new black selvage jeans meant to be worn as their raw jeans, in the sense that you go for months without wash to obtain sick fadings? If there's fading potential, I'll grab a pair.
Looks perfect.
^ Thanks. Will you get hit by tax daddy's hammer of toll if you order from Roden Grey to the USofA?
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