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Haha, can you ever have enough ass on your pic's? And I'm actually living on Manhattan. I'm interning over here. Stumbled in to GraphicNovelty and his '11 Moto on a bar in Brooklyn later same day the above pic was taken. His jacket looked really good (even considering beer+whiskey goggles). And always fun to get asked the obligatory question "Nice jacket man, where's it from?", where after I started replying something along the lines of "Thanks, it's this dude in Korea.."...
MDR live in brooklyn. [[SPOILER]]
I'm on the lookout for a pair of black boots to go with my black leather jackets. I really like the look of the old Common Projects officer boots [[SPOILER]] . I could go for a pair of chelsea/ankle boots with side zip too.I know John Vavartos has a pair that I really like, but haven't seen them for under 600+. which is too much for me. Do any of you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking about those Dayton service boots, but haven't been able to find a place to buy...
Hard to tell from the cloud of swag.
That was me. Cool talking to you man! Got pretty fucking wasted, great night.
Yes, that is most likely what it means.I was on 8+ weeks on my last TOJ, and just rounded 5 weeks and counting on my peacoat too.Patience is a virtue. And mandatory if you roll with TOJ. But it's worth it (and then some).
^ Personally, I wear a size where they are tight, but buttonable at first. They seem to stretch to a size, where they sit nice and comfortably on the hip. I would say not being able to button them, would be to go too far. But each his own ofc.
Thanks for a flawless purchase!
No peacoat shipping mail for me. Gonna cry myself to sleep.
I didn't like the fit on the CPxGeller boots, so I'm returning them. If anyone wants to kop them for the USD 279 they ran me, please let me know today. They are size 9, TTS.
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