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Haha, actually, Scandinavian women are all I got atm. Oh well.. Guess I'll start doing something manly+social, like taking up crossfit again.
I was not asking for anything. It was merely a stray thought by my four-eyed Asian emoticon, mind you.
I think it is an anniversary model by the fashion designer Ed Hardy.
Looks great. The fit is spot on. Oh god, I start to feel the toj strain; checking the mail often, unconciously looking for that "Hey, your toj has been sent today". And I'm only like 1.5 week in. .......o0(when will the first bacth of TOJ1 go out?)
Hello SF'ers, If any cool dudes want to meet up for a beer or coffee in the NYC, let me know. I'm a 25 year old Dane who's on an internship within advertising in the city for the next 5 months. I know quite a bunch of people here already, but they are all Danish, and I kinda want to get out of the scandinavian bubble and expand my network! Let me know.
Where is that picture from? I guess it is the new TOJ1 black/white, amirite?
I might do. But I need a cap like his, with New York on it. Anyone?
What cap was Jay-Z wearing during the MTV VMA? I really want one.
Statistically, this day will occur on October 21st. So now we play the waiting game.
New Posts  All Forums: