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Any updates on the first batch of toj1, drew? In before malakas trying to be funny.
My face when trashed, ball sweat infested pants are 250 bucks. [[SPOILER]]
where do they sell these preworn pairs? I havent seen any in NYC, but I might just not have looked.
^ No, srsly, I can't possibly wait till next week. No... way..
Great to perfect fit on both the last DR and Baseball jacket. It's interesting. I hot soaked my black MDR in a tub for like 5-10 min, and at first, the result was a less buttery and more stiff jacket, but now, 2 weeks and maybe 5 days wear later, the leather is back to being almost even more soft in some spots. I don't think it is as shiny, but boy it is soft, especially inside the cuffs and hems. I like. Drew, I am getting to the point of checking my email every 30 min...
^ the blackest boots or the whitest sneaks.
I am so excited to see those colors in pictures! And I'm so excited about the TOJ1s going out next week. I'm so fucking excited about the new winter updates! I'm excited! Drew, what would be the likelihood of you offering a (classic band collar) moto with raglan sleeves? I'd safe my ass off to kop one.
Guys, how many (regular) wears will it approx. take for my APC jeans to get some nice fadings? Faded jeans is really the look I'm after, not so much the "deep, rich" blue of a new pair. They are meant to be worn with my fucking TOJ, not as part of my business outfit.
^ I think it's safe to say that exposing your jacket to a bit of rain wont have the same effect as a hot wash. If you want the washed effect, do it. If not, don't.
A smaller one specializing in green and sustainable branding and market communication on 5th ave, it's called Green Team.
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