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This thread is ruining my economy faser than a greek government. Stop. It.
A prolly dumb question: Are the new black selvage jeans meant to be worn as their raw jeans, in the sense that you go for months without wash to obtain sick fadings? If there's fading potential, I'll grab a pair.
Looks perfect.
^ Thanks. Will you get hit by tax daddy's hammer of toll if you order from Roden Grey to the USofA?
I've also got a fit pic of my all new whiskey collared moto, that thing is sex on a stick. here with a pair of apc. enjoy [[SPOILER]]
^ Maybe turn on the light next time? Quite difficult to give feedback on that kind of pics.
Oh, might as well add: It is impossible to wear your TOJ1 around people without getting compliments, so if your really shy; stay the f*ck away
So.. You kinda really need to set up this place somewhere on the globe called 'the temple', where we can come get a coffee or a beer, get measured, buy jackets (and whateves you might be coming up with). I'd totally make a trip for that!
Amiguous drew is ambiguous. Can you give some kind of guideline in what temperatures the quilt lining would be a better choise? In what climate/temperatures would you personally choose one over another?
Peacoat owners: Do you find your coat to be sufficiently warm during low temperatures (0 to -10 C / 30 - 15 F)? I'm on the fence regarding the quilted lining. Do you find the regular lining to be warm enough?
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