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^ Lucky you, I'm probably going to have to cross the 8 week mark before I see mine. O that wait.
^I just dinged 6th week on my burgundy TOJ1. Guess it'll ship soon, I'll treat this thread with pictures when it's in my hands.
Woooow that jack is SICK Drew. i WISH I had the money to drop on that one, I can only imagine how attached you can get to a bastard like that 10, 15, 20 or more years from now. If the leather will last that long. But I seems to be quite on par with calf and horsie.
Get thenmjawnz back down on the hip where they belong boy! My ballsack hurts from just looking at that!... Would be easier to give feedback if you set your pant where they are supposed to sit.
^ I don't even get it now.
Yeah, size XS would be good for me I guess.
I got a black SNS Stark in size M. I'm 5'9'', so its a bit too big for me, at least if you dig tight fits as I do. I imagine it to be better for 5'10" - 6'1" size guys. If anyone in NYC or thereaboutds got a size S (any color is good really) and want to do a trade, let me know. I might even be interested in selling it, but only to help finance a new one though.
Calm down girl.Last I heard they would be send out this week, but the guard dog will bite you if you ask for updates it seems.
Any updates on the first batch of toj1, drew? In before malakas trying to be funny.
My face when trashed, ball sweat infested pants are 250 bucks. [[SPOILER]]
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