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I would insta-kop a TOJ take on the 5-zip pattern. That would be the perfect supplement to my MDR.
Or Which ones to go with shorts, jeans and chinoes (burgundy, navy, kahki)? I am notoriously indecisive.
I got three items off my 'last looked at' section at MrP at 0800 CET. Jimmies not even rustled.
I only kind of agree with it. Of course, lower prices will enable you to purchase more. There is no point in debating that. What I'm thinking of is the people who'd rather wait till december with buying an item they want now, if they can get it at 30% discount 6 months on. Of course. If you can get a discount, you'd want that. Everyone would. It does, however, seem likle there are people who'd wait out indefinietly for a discount that might turn up, instead of just...
His point was (afair) that if you don't want it at retail, you probably don't need it at discount. Which I, despite of my shopolism kind of agree with.
Hi Y'all, What is the name of the (relativly new?) swedish brand/webshop that makes jumpers, knitwear and has GAT like shoes? Anyone? Thaaaanks.
This was the best I could do with the self-timer. Need more practice to be in-frame. edit: this is my first post in this thread, and if you guys are being cunts, it will also be my last.
^ No, they don't.
A little less than the regular raw PS. At least on mine.
.. and then you told them that you make your own shit, and then you got laid. Well played sir.
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