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A little less than the regular raw PS. At least on mine.
.. and then you told them that you make your own shit, and then you got laid. Well played sir.
Peacoat just in. Fit is.. perfect. Quality is.. beyond. Happy. Edit: inb4fitpicsnao.
Just fell for the classic last minute alterations after seeing the new peacoat fits. Fingers crossed it's not too late.
I believe it is something along the lines of wergtuig.Nice fit on the CW45 above
Excellent, the fit actually looks exactly as mine.
Whats the deal with these constant 10%-off codes at yoox?
Thanks SVB, figured most of it out. Still seems absolutely random and, with that handwriting, completely useless.
I just received this letter from Lands End Canvas. I figure it is some kind of "Thank you for your purchase"-letter. But wtf does it say? And why don't they do an effort to make it readable, now they choose to send a physical, handwritten letter?
I kind of like it. Looks great with a pair of dark jeans IMO.
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