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If you can roll with perfect American English, do that. I'm personally living in the US now so I can go back to CPH and pick up girls with my fake east coast accent. Or well.. That's more like a bonus of my stay
What synth said. And must-do's also include:1) Christiania free-town. Chill with beer, tree-hugger food, and weed and watch the crazy people go about their business.2) Cafe Petersborg on Bredgade 76. OLDschool restaurant with traditional Danish cuisine. This shit is cash.3) Get shitfaced and use whatever foreign nationality you have as an excuse to hit on hot blondes.
Question: Is the TOJ Peacoat warm enough to be used as the primary winter coat in a New York City/ South Scandinavian climate? I find it hard to decide between the peacoat and the (new) dufflecoat.
If you're not a workout-maniac or a hungry american, I'm afraid that people here are quite "normal".First time out in my TOJ1, first compliment received.
I'm SO excited to see the new winter jacks, oh boy.
48 without a doubt. I'm 5,9 approx. 155 lbs and my 48 fits tight. Can just close it with a shirt and a thin jcrew sweater underneath. With only a thirst it is fine, tight but fine. These TOJ1 probably fit a size down (so that 48 fits like a 47 leather), maybe even 1,5 size down.
^ Lucky you, I'm probably going to have to cross the 8 week mark before I see mine. O that wait.
^I just dinged 6th week on my burgundy TOJ1. Guess it'll ship soon, I'll treat this thread with pictures when it's in my hands.
Woooow that jack is SICK Drew. i WISH I had the money to drop on that one, I can only imagine how attached you can get to a bastard like that 10, 15, 20 or more years from now. If the leather will last that long. But I seems to be quite on par with calf and horsie.
Get thenmjawnz back down on the hip where they belong boy! My ballsack hurts from just looking at that!... Would be easier to give feedback if you set your pant where they are supposed to sit.
New Posts  All Forums: