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Kind of doesn't explain the fact that it is impossible to get a refund. I have been trying for a week with no other effect than an email saying 'I've let Drew know. - Charly'. And that was for a mere $130 wallet. When was the last time anyone got a refund from TOJ?
And this, I think, is where you hit right at the heart of the issue. I have not been able to get a refund so far. And I only ordered a $130 wallet.
So, the payment you received from the random person was not marked as gift? I am asking because if not, you could potentially end up in a situation where the other person orders a charge back/files a complaint resulting in you having neither jacket nor money but only a big fat dent in your credit score.
I honestly can't tell if you're a troll having a laugh or not.
He is, quite obviously, talking about one person buying another persons spot secondhand.
Thanks for the condescending remarks. And regarding the "hilarious" experiment in "human nature"; being open about the fact that you don't trust TOJ anymore and you therefore want to sell your spot is about as genuine as you can be in this situation. A lot of people, despite everything, still believe that Drew will deliver on the outstanding orders. Quite clearly, you are one of them.The cards are on the table. No one is hiding anything. Trusting Drew is a personal...
For the adventurous: Selling my Small Wallet spot. $130. PM me.
Yes, I actually got a reply earlier today:"Hey,Yea, I let Drew know already (since he handles all the wallet/bag transactions)."Whether this means that I can actually expect a refund, and if so, when that would be, I have no idea.
Not to be too contrary, but what would an ETA be worth at this point? Fool me once etc.
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