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Temple of Jawnz BB Jacket Size 50 body with size 47 lengths: Front length 23,0'' Back Length 25,2'' Sleeve length 30,6'' As TOJ raglan jackets run tight in the body, this is perfect for any natural size 46, 47 or 48 depending on your upper body proportions Condition: 9 / 10. It has seen a bit of wear, but no tears, blemishes or dirt. Still has some way to go before it is properly broken into. If you regret not jumping on the BB ship when it was available, now is...
Come on. We are talking about cutting and sewing leather from a predefined pattern. This is not about having 'tried and true artisans' work a magic forge to conjure your jacket out of angle dust, it's about having experienced craftsmen doing what they do. I mean, they even offered the Harrington as an option for their fundraiser run a month or so back, which literally means that they could engage more workshops in the jacket making if they felt impelled to do so.And for...
[[SPOILER]] This is not meant as a critique of TOJ (I am a seasoned TOJ'er myself), but knowing that: people who ordered in June 2013 still have not received their jackets, keeping true to any given time estimates is not a priority for the company (i.e. no apparent effort to find new workshops to help reduce the massive queue) and the fact that shipments of new jackets become increasingly infrequent (at least that is what I take from this thread); what compels you to order...
> complains about wait time discussions.> proceeds with three paragraphs of wait time discussion.7/10
Speaking of backpack and wallets; was there an eta on them? I'd like to not wait 50 weeks on what's going to be my one wallet for life (until i lose it in a bar somewhere).
My Baseball jacket has not seen much wear since i bought it a year or so ago. Considering getting rid of it. It is a 48 with 46 lengths (i.e. good fit for a 46 sized guy). It's in really good condition. If interested, PM me offers. I might put it on B/S within a week,
OL bomber, where from?
Lots of interest, yet still available. Would love to pass it on while I a, still in the US (easier and cheaper shipping).
Why even waste your time writing an arrogant answer like that?.. In my experience, some of the models and leather types (lamb is more forgiving than goat or calf in this repsect) tend to cause a rather pronounced "fold" on the shoulder tops. And they do not go (all the way) away with time. It might be a conscious part of the design, but I typically prefer a more smooth and round should myself.
Bought this from another member. At 170lbs and 5'10", this jacket is a bit too tight and a bit too short for me, which really fucks me off, because the leather and the zips are perfect! Anyway, my loss, someone else's potential gain. SS 2008 edition. Leather: black calf. The calf is very supple and soft, so it doesn't need any breaking in. Zipper: silver MRS Size: 46 fits slim. Will work for 44-46 depending on how you would like the jacket to fit Condition: 9/10, the...
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