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He is 100% right tho.
The fact that you'd be happy to buy another jacket after waiting almost two years for this one in itself begs some questions. But if you think everything is now back to how it was early 2013 and that production is now going steadily and that Drew has got the resources and motivation to crack on with Dan and Charly's work on top of his own... You're going to have a bad time..
No, you're a sucker.
"Bottleneck".You muppets waiting on refunds on the fifth month have been scammed. Act accordingly (clue: complaining on a forum is not it).
Link to gf instagram?
1) Stop attributing any kind of truth value to Drews statements.2) There is no pool of money to mass produce jackets. You don't let your customers wait months for refunds if you still have their money.3) Jackets, backpacks and wallets will trickle out at the pace that Drew can afford to make them. Will this take a year more? Two years? Will everybody even get their orders fulfilled? Anyone's guess.
Dude toj has not been in regular production for a year now. Drew can barely afford to source the materials for the small wallets, and he can definitely not afford to issue refunds. Every single action/lack of action from TOJ the last 12 months confirm this. You are, most likely, not going to get your jacket. And it is not worth being played a fool for like this anyway. Trust me, I've bought 6 toj jackets myself; they're good, but I've sold half of them again after owning...
If they had the money to refund anything other than a couple of small wallets, they would have done so. There literally is no explanation as to why it would take months to send a handful of paypal echecks if the money was indeed there. If you at this point still believe that everything is okay and it is only a matter of time before everyone gets their stuff, I believe you are delusional.
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