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The credible threat of collective PayPal action was apparently enough to coerce him to post pictures of a bunch of jackets we all know he has had lying around for months. If you assume anything he says at this point is true then, as the saying goes, shame on you.
What a sad and pathetic excuse of a man you are, Drew Keith. Taking responsibility of your own mess is obviously something your tiny personality is incapable of.
Drew's curry recipe was a thing like three years ago. What you see on that picture is how it looks after 12 hours digestion.
What, distorb delivers only quality content in this thread.
He is 100% right tho.
The fact that you'd be happy to buy another jacket after waiting almost two years for this one in itself begs some questions. But if you think everything is now back to how it was early 2013 and that production is now going steadily and that Drew has got the resources and motivation to crack on with Dan and Charly's work on top of his own... You're going to have a bad time..
No, you're a sucker.
"Bottleneck".You muppets waiting on refunds on the fifth month have been scammed. Act accordingly (clue: complaining on a forum is not it).
Link to gf instagram?
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