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I just got notification that my 3sixteen x viberg service boots have been delivered.... now the longest part of my day starts (waiting to go home!)
Bloomingdales in San Francisco had several RC sweats on sale with extra 40-50% off lowest price (can't remember if it was 40% or 50%, it varied by brand). I saw several sizes last Friday, I think they came out to be right over $50 after discount. I picked up a few RC t shirts for $18
I guess, this is the sales alert thread so I'm not really sure of a more appropriate place to have this conversation
Actually, there's a consignment store (Sui Generis) right down the street from Unionmade that takes in everything that doesn't move during the sale. They don't take their usual 60% cut from UM, they have some special arrangement. Prices at the consignment store are higher than the sale (drops to about 50% off but stops there).
just got a Tres Bien coupon with my order, good for 10% off new F/W 2015 PRE-FW15-66439 valid for one purchase only, expires 9/30
paint splatter GATs all sold out
I actually got the black perf ones
dammit, I didn't need more gats, but now I own them.
when do you have time to wear all those pants??
the "if you don't like it don't buy it" statement can basically apply to anything that's said on styleforum? not really sure what the point of it is. It's lame when a manufacturer that promotes itself as a transparent business adds a surcharge without an explanation (and doesn't even disclose that an extra charge has been added, but is "caught" because they forgot to update their item description)
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