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I actually got the black perf ones
dammit, I didn't need more gats, but now I own them.
when do you have time to wear all those pants??
the "if you don't like it don't buy it" statement can basically apply to anything that's said on styleforum? not really sure what the point of it is. It's lame when a manufacturer that promotes itself as a transparent business adds a surcharge without an explanation (and doesn't even disclose that an extra charge has been added, but is "caught" because they forgot to update their item description)
makes sense, but I thought the whole point of a stock sale was to clear up old stock, so kind of a BS move on Gustin's end to charge extra IMO
how come stock sale stuff is at a price increase? I thought they were trying to sell returned / unsold merchandise? Example: https://www.weargustin.com/stock/210-pure-blue-13 Listed at $79, description says it was originally $74.
no early backer discount? -_-
I don't know if Gustin's fit works for me because I can't try them on anywhere
meh, at this price point I'd rather just go with a more established brand on sale (one I can try on, return, or resell outside of the StyleForum marketplace)
I haven't checked out Gustins in a minute, but I recall them being great jeans for a great price. I feel like the prices have gone up considerably? Really not that cheap anymore, ~$150 for a pair of jeans and >$100 for shirts? wild
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