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not fat, just happy
interest check: considering selling my size 32 brown twill officer trousers (worn twice, washed once, hung dry). I only want to post on B&S if there's interest.... lmk! Also, let me know if I should remove this from here, thanks
but in-n-out is delicious. I wear my gats in there all the time
Nanamica is everywhere in San Francisco (Welcome Stranger, Barneys, Bloomingdales), no idea on NFPL
anyone has any experience hiking with Diemmes / Danner / Fracap ? Would love some insight, going to use it as an actual hiking boot
anyone have experience with the air magma (ACG) as an actual hiking shoe?
sorry for reviving... anyone has an idea how these are as actual hiking / backpacking boots?
those are all time favorites
Has anyone done a high level "if you wear a size ___ in brand X you should wear a size ___ in gustins"?
survey says, when you find a $20 dollar bill, don't try to return it
New Posts  All Forums: