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heel replacement is pretty basic, most cobblers should be able to do this for you (so you don't have to ship your boots to Chicago)...
10% off at Tres Bien: SS14-VIP-10-OFF
I think Tellason has some bigger sizes and can be found on sale at the right time of year. Great jeans
you should step up your price point for real quality, IMO
Industrie Denim in San Francisco has a full size run of basically... everything
ok, as tight as long underwear?
that's blowing my mind, I'm a 31" waist and could barely get into a large (they were like running tights)
sorry for the long link http://gitmanvintage.com/collections/warehouse?utm_source=Gitman+Vintage&utm_campaign=0fb54d3f89-Gitman_Vintage_Newsletter_March_21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1d79a3a241-0fb54d3f89-61040629&mc_cid=0fb54d3f89&mc_eid=21c5f0adcc gitman vintage warehouse online sale
I bought a suit by S&H, it was very slim and I returned based on quality - seemed cheap. This was 2 years ago, not sure if they've improved, but I haven't wanted to purchase since... I do like the look of the varsity jacket they have up on BW right now
I just bought that too. I have been looking for a lambskin leather jacket and you can't beat that price. Had a chance to handle it a few months ago at a store and it's a really great piece.
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