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Re: permanent stretch, my assumption was that there would be LESS permanent stretch, but the sales associate said it would be about the same. I haven't worn mine enough to comment on how/if mine have stretched.
I recently bought the Shockoe denim that has 2% elastane, and I absolutely love it. First denim I've owned with "stretch" and really only stretches when I need it (like when bending down and crouching)
Interest check, I have a brand new pair of black elk FBTs (still in box), size 10us
woot! picked up some FBT's for $400 shipped
Azalea ( has lots of John Elliot (maybe more in-store than online) and offer 15% if you sign up for the newsletter
The J1B is awesome (styling wise), but it's actually not super technical. Pretty basic cotton, somewhat heavy feel, no gore-tex lining so not waterproof. It's still my favorite style-wise, but wouldn't be my first pick up. I went in to Darkside to pick up the J1B and left with the J25-WS instead
exactly this
Any more short sleeve button downs coming? Loving the black ise one!
Extra 15% off sale @ End, EXTRA15
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