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yea, but they'll price match any other retailer's code, and have the ultimate return policy (my roommate returned his Red Wings after 6 months of almost daily wear)
do share!
student discount can be applied on anything that isn't 3rd party or marked down to a value ending with $.99
awesome deal on those headphones. I just bought B&O H6 and am trying to return them... not worth the price (and no microphone!)
anyone know where I can get the charcoal polka data laramie in a US 10 or 10.5? I'm in San Francisco and Maas & Stacks has them in 9.5, which is too small for me.
agree 100%, too many options out there and communication is too easy (we all have smartphones) to not respond. I had a bad experience with them as well
what's the difference between the transit and reportage camera straps?
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