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On Sunday afternoon? I sure hope his coat had a big, double digit number on it!
So everyone who wanted the shoes (and bid) got his order filled at 115 and 104?
Quote: Originally Posted by pinchi22 The Beaufort alone isn´t very warm in near-freezing temperatures, but you can buy a separate waistcoat. fify
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac whats your question? what 2 watches to buy? Or buy 2 instead of 1?
No. Have not had the same experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 For me, it comes down to an issue of space and favorites. +1
Looks like the majority of posters have advised against it.
Overcoat=fine to shorten. Sportcoat=not a good idea to shorten (due to placement of buttons/button stance)
Oh, so you're looking for that definition of "odd" trousers!
Cool rounded temples. I'd be interested to know the brand as well.
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