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Gabriel was tailor at the Ralph Lauren Store in San Francisco until a few months ago. He was very talented and diligent. While most tailors would simply take a jacket in along the center rear seam, he would take in some fabric at the rear seam, side seam, and front darts to make sure the jacket maintained the proper proportions. Similarly, he would shorten some coat sleeves by removing them from the shoulder and shortening from the top end rather than just taking up an...
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm El aristocrata - are these shoes sold anywhere in argentina, or is this a porteno working in Spain only? if these shoes are sold in Argentina, please let me know where they are sold and I will go check out the shop. thank you! +1
Dunno, but I submit Gucci is the new Kenneth Cole.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Personally, I place one bid early on ... which is my gentleman's fair warning that I have an interest in the item. I then place my maximum bid 6 seconds before the auctions end. Quote: Originally Posted by pandamonium I don't understand why people bid on items with six days out. It's not as if it secures the item for them, it just drives up the final price for the last day of the...
RL Grants (@680 here) and RL Sheldon Monks (@225 in the other thread) are tempting. That's quite a nice collection! Do you find the Grants run tighter (slimmer, especially in the toe box) than the Sheldons, or about the same?
Andrew D is a 21-year-old drop out from prestigious Western Washington University. He is obviously the authority on experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by VikingsFan82 And yet Steve Phillips got all the chicks. Which one is "Steve"?
Quote: Originally Posted by NMW1982 Why would I get Cartier...? My question exactly.
Has anyone had success getting your drycleaner to properly press a 3-roll-2 jacket? Mine keeps pressing my jackets with a very distinct crease above the top button. It's very frustrating.
Very sharp. Sadly, I have spent so much on airfare for my upcoming travels that I have no $$ left over for a travel coat! The measurements seem a bit small for a 44R; does it fit like a true 44R or more like a 42R?
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