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There is a stand alone Black Fleece Store (by Brooks Brothers) going in on Fillmore in San Francisco. Am I the only one who does not see this as lasting very long? I have yet to see a guy on Fillmore wearing a suit jacket (2 sizes to small) paired with a matching skirt. I appreciate several nice pieces in the lineup, but I just think TB has a bizarre fascination with the Pee Wee Herman style. Good luck, Brooks.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley If it's helpful for anyone, here are a couple of fit pics between L and XL. I wear a 42R jacket. The L belstaff is on the slim side, particularly in the arms and armhole, and I wouldn't be able to comfortably get a thicker cashmere sweater layered over a dress shirt underneath. With an XL, I can get an entire suit jacket with slight room to spare. I opted for the L. A bit slimmer than I want, but better than...
Quote: Originally Posted by brandall10 I just did a quick reread of this thread. Yes indeed, "buy anything", as long as anything = Lowndes or Tetbury, as those are the only two shoes people mention trying to cop in this thread (you mention Audleys but I think that were merely an observation?). StyleForum stalwarts a bit, yeah? I, for one, am not a fan of the Tetbury. Too elongated. Looks comical on guys with average or large size feet.
tempting...but trying to buy Xmas presents for other people!
If only my size...
<--just posting so I can see my sign up date to determine whether I am permitted to join the poll
What does "engine turned" mean? (seriously)
Good thing the sweaters are not my size, whus, you've already made me buy too many sweaters!
I can see why the dark oak is the most prized color.
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