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I suppose this qualifies as a divestiture
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 I found the standard collar shape not attractive and dated. Has the 80s curved look. what do you mean by an 80s curved look?
Sho, you can buy a patch and have it swen on. They are easy to find with a google search. You can even get a University of London patch, like the one RL put on this jacket. Better yet, you can get a patch with a crest of the school you actually attended. I think you can get British Special Forces patches too. That my intimidate the people you tell to stfu...just hope they are not REAL Special Forces guys who get offended by people impersonating a Special Forces...
Somewhat tempting at 525, but I once tried to remove a patch and found a dab of glue underneath that left a scar on the fabric. I suppose RLPL is less likely to use glue (just as RLPL does not fuse chests), but once burned, twice shy...
Looks like it could fit a 44R and 475 is a nice price; sadly, that patch is a deal breaker for me. From past experience, I thought the patch could come off easily but there was a little glue behind it that left a permanent scar on the chest. Maybe Purple Label is more careful and only sews the patch on so it can be removed.
Yeah, where is it?
Somehow, his suits will end up on my tax bill.
BB. Is it really that slim fitting (which looks good), or do you have it cinched in the back? Is it regular BB, or BBBF?
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade My comments last August. I am no expert on SF neighborhoods, but ... Fillmore has had a succession of what I call sleazoid stores, ... As for Black Fleece, I doubt that they will make a go of it there. Pacific Heights is a better location for another Polo Shop, IMHO. Polo opened a shop on Fillmore last year. The SA called the Fillmore store a "lifestyle" store. It carries weekend wear and a few RRL...
So the inventory of nice, size 12.5/13 shoes is rather thin, eh?
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