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Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California Why does your wife hate RL? I've never met someone in the world, ever, in time since the beginning of the start who has said, "I *hate* RL." To clarify, she doesn't like any of the items from any of the lines whether it's on sale or not? That's like saying, "I can't find anything I need at Target." Either she is a goth chick (which is totally fine, that look can be hot), or she is crazy. When...
My SA just told me that the RL "made in USA" longwings and chukkas are made by Allen Edmonds. I asked whether he meant Alden, and he said he was sure it was AE. I've owed AE years ago. They are fine, but I would rank them below the other manufacturers that RL has used in recent years, like Crockett and Jones. Too...
Scarlet and Gray.
Ed mentioned two cuts, slim and classic. The current measurements are for the slim cut. What will be the measurements for the classic cut? When will the Classic cut be available? Current measurements for Slim (36): waist-36 front rise- 10 5/8 back rise- 16 thigh-14 1/2 knee-9 1/4 leg opening-8 3/8 inseam -38 Would Classic (36) look like this?: waist-36 front rise- 12 back rise- 18 thigh-14 1/2 knee-11 1/4 leg opening-9 inseam -38
F is wide like E in US width, right? tempting...How do Zegna pants fit? Low and slim like RL Black label, or more traditional like RL Regent pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf want but cannot justify ^ that sums up every SF purchase!
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I like my flat front pants to fit trim through the thigh and taper to 7.5" at the hem. If my pants are pleated than taper to 7.75 - 8" I would call this a very skinny fit; I couldn't even get my foot through a 7.5" (15" total) leg opening. Using the leg opening as a proxy for fit, I would say a 9" (18" total) leg opening is standard/regular/classic. Anything 8" and smaller would be...
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Really nice design! I especially like the large round escutcheon. How often do you get to use that word?!
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