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Omega bracelets have both whole and half links. Try asking your jeweler to take out a whole link, but add back a half link. Perhaps that will provide the slight adjustment you appear to be seeking.
Polo I - single vent, 2 button (full, traditional cut) Polo II - double vent, 3 button (traditional cut, but 3 button and side vents can make it look slimmer than Polo I) Polo III - double vent, 2 button, ticket pocket Polo IV - double vent, 3 button, ticket pocket (slightly higher arm holes, so feels trimmer about the chest) Polo I-IV suits generally have pleated pants (traditional Dalton model) Hacking (jacket) - side vents, 3 button, like Polo II, but with angled...
Dr No, If you decide to put together another syndicate, please let me know. In fact, that Tetbury model might look nice in dark brown suede! Cheers
Dr No, I just saw your offer organize a group purchase of C&J shoes. Good on ya!
Polo makes a nice version that looks fairly similar to the Sutor DY475. It is called the Horatio and IMO it looks best in suede. If you are a 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5, you are in luck because it is 50% off at Saks ($193 vs $395). Item number 0403173733308 at
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