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It happens, but I would say it is more the exception than the norm.
I tried on the Brooks Brothers (BB) Extra Slim Fit (ESF) shirts during the annual sale. The shirts were slim enough, but the box pleat in the rear of the shirt was higher than previous BB shirts. I don't know the exact measurement, but the horizontal shoulder-to-shoulder seam (where the box pleat sits) was formerly about 6 inches below the rear collar; now it is about 2 inches below the rear collar. The result is that the box pleat does not lie flat; instead, it...
I could have used those ties before the holidays. Its always wrong size or wrong time.
Yeah, they look okay...but are they as good as Kenneth Cole?!
Good riddance.
Ah, the annual dilemma: Xmas gift for self or just others?
Are these from the spring?
Damn, I missed it too. Was this a record for the shortest sell out in SF history?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenneth Cole Haan Beautiful RL, but are those jackets or shirts? Especially the suede safari? it's buttoned from top to bottom Looks like one I saw at a store. I'd say jacket. The shirt-jacket tends to only have chest pockets.
My SA just told me that the RL "made in USA" longwings and chukkas are made by Allen Edmonds. I asked whether he meant Alden, and he said he was sure it was AE. I've owed AE years ago. They are fine, but I would rank them below the other manufacturers that RL has used in recent years, like Crockett and Jones. Too...
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