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$488 NIB Peal & Co shoes at $190 is so tempting...
You have 3 different eBay Names? (polopolo18, uwtesl10, and Alley012) Seems like extra work.
I would have taken ay of those first three but i just logged on an see i missed them. Damn, you guys are quick.
Does anyone know whether cotton spot coats like these shrink?
Nice suit
Wow, Ralph Lauren must be very anxious to bring back the super wide lapels. He tried it with his main (blue label) line and now we see a Double RL version. Hmmm.
The chest on that 44r seems a little small, no? That one is also $360?
Is that a Phoenix on the toe? $620 is getting down to C&J pxing
$125? Tempting.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon to make sure you arnt just fallowing a fad be a trend setter like me dog. Ah, so YOU'RE the one who started the fad of referring to people with the moniker, "dog." Thanks for that.
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