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Jonathan, The website is still up; has the site closed down completely?
Machine washing (vs Dry cleaning) will have 2 effects: 1) the pants will shrink, assuming you toss them in the dryer after washing and 2) the pants will lose a bit of the luster, or shine, that new RL cotton pants sometimes have. The pants shrink quite a bit in the length, so if you're going to wash them, then do so before you have them hemmed. The seat/rise/legs shrink a little bit. The waist shrinks a little bit too; maybe 1 inch, or 1/2 size (i.e., from a 34 to a 33,...
Not saying Rugby of 2011 is equivalent to Chaps of 2011 (which is no longer a RL brand); rather, just pointing out that both are diffusion lines from Ralph Lauren geared toward a younger audience. I own a couple Rugby items and think the line is well received by a generally younger audience. I never owned any Chaps items but I believe it was received in a similarly positive way in its heyday in the late 70s or early 80s.
Seller not only offers nice things, but he is also a very fast shipper!
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoeby Doo Wrong forum. If not MC, Then what would be the right forum?! Please enlighten me because right now I look to MC for items like this.
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