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Curious to know if there are any distinctive regional looks that globetrotters or other well travelled members of this forum have witnessed, e.g. if you saw a picture of a particular look, you would be pretty sure they came from THAT particular city, etc.
Only if it is served to you over a tennis net. Otherwise, probably not.
I have a RLBL suit that matches this. It has flap pockets, but I can just tuck them in (double besom). Works well as a 'club/lounge' suit.
You might want to look at a Gucci 40L. The sleeves come in at 26"-27" OTR, I kid you not. I bought one and had to cut 3 inches off. But if you don't want to overpay for a brand name, MTM sounds like the answer for you. It's not terribly expensive. Your body measurements aren't part of the fat area under a bell curve, so most OTR won't fit you by a longshot.
Layers will keep you warmer than one big heavy coat. T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, thin sweater + that top coat should keep you fine for 0 degrees+. Don't forget the gloves, scarf and something to cover your ears. As someone who moved from San Diego to Chicago, you gotta invest in the gloves/ear muffs. Duffle coats (mentioned by a previous poster) are nice for heavy snow days.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Nice shoes, but one newb question on my part. Who would wear this brown clunker (second from left), and why? Those are tanks. Pretty useful in the winter when snow and salt turn Chicago into Mordor.
Quote: Originally Posted by George A classic example of someone who needs structure/padding in his shoulders. Coat just screams Italian bespoke. Blah......... Pink trousers.... Clothes should communicate a noble lie, not the ignoble truth.
I thought my straight response was funnier than the OPs query. Most people thought I was serious.
That look might flight fly during happy hour, but not for a real job interview. Is that shirt buttoned at the neck? If so, it's way too big for you. If not, it should be; no shirt should be visible at the neck. Also, the knot is way too big for an interview. You can flash your personal style as much as you want during 'last call', but not a good call for a job interview. The jacket lining is pretty outlandish, unless you're applying for a 'creative' position. If...
Post a pic of the jacket. Does it have working sleeve cuffs? Need to see the seam lines to reply.
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