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For $1300 (1200+100 for alts) you could have gotten great MTM with surgeon's cuffs, and, if they had messed up the length or any other dimension, you could have had them fix it without worry.
Cashmere isn't a good choice for your locale. 100% wool (9-10 oz), or a wool/linen blend (70/30), would work well. Patch pockets are your least formal option. So if you're going to want to wear your blazer for a more formal occasion, might as well get flaps.
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin Tods bag for a buck BIN is $1 for this bag. Yet check out the shipping cost. Looking at the seller's feedback, this seems to be his regular MO. I am assuming ppl do this to avoid paying outrageous ebay fees. But I cant believe that ebay would allow this?? If they do allow it, I'm sure it will be short lived. However, it's a clever workaround.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches i was recently looking at some old pics and found one from 9 years ago when i got engaged and my first thought was; man i used to look so good in a suit and tie, i was 30 pounds lighter and had more hair(not sure how that part impacts my suit but it was still sad to see) . i was wearing an OTR josepb abboud suit and looked better than i do now in suits i pay at least five times as much for. i decided that i will...
Not a huge fan of the price tag jutting out of your shoulder. But seriously, it's hard to tell re: fit given how dark the pics are. From a silhouette perspective, it looks decent. But hard to comment in any detail.
Consider dark olive or hues of green similar to olive. Should work well with your described skin color/tone.
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami This was $2399 on sale for $599 Skittle Chic.
4x2 with MOP or light horn. Don't see a lot of 4x2 out there; it will look distinctive.
Curious to see what people who frequent this Forum are wearing for New Years.
Quote: Originally Posted by MCH-est.1818 Was at the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet today and saw a nice looking double breasted pintstripe suit. However, it was 52% LINEN and 48% WOOL. When would you wear this--I guess summer but why the half and half, linen wool--it just seems odd combination... Summer definitely. It looks more like a blazer than a suit.
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