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Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz If he puts his hands in his jacket pockets and pushes them up/down in rapid succession, he might be able to fly. These are the Dumbo ears of fashion.
Everyone is assuming that the pictured suit fits the OP. OP, please put the suit on with your intended white shirt, and we'll be able to give you better advice. I live in Chicago and go to TRU 3-4 times a year. That's not a jeans place. I would feel bad for anyone eating there with jeans on. If you can't dress up to go to TRU, you're a sartorial nihilist.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmb here is an example of white thread Those are some nice buttonholes!
Quote: Originally Posted by changy For the majority, the tie will be brown, black, or gold. Dark or light: Dark = black, navy, etc. Light = Silver, dove grey, pale blue, etc. A blonde haired guy doesn't typically look that good in a black suit/white shirt/black tie. (Dark haired guys always look better in a tux than their 'muted' counterparts). But a silver/pale blue/pink/salmon tends to work well.
White or light blue dress shirt and a tie that matches your hair and/or eyes.
Quote: Originally Posted by UCMaroon What is a PS? Pocket Square. Paul Chang Custom tailors might work. I believe he charges around 1200 for a suit, depending on fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by woolymammoth The pictured buttons seem to be 4-hole buttons blue with a silver frame though not entirely clear from the picture...has anyone ever seen such buttons and know of a source...thank you. I have smoky MOP buttons that look just like those. Got them here on SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter just a flap or is there a pocket under it? Presumably there is a pocket under the flap. I've just never seen this for a ticket pocket before. The ticket pocket always has piping/welt just like the pocket beneath it.
Note the lack of piping/welt on the ticket pocket:
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