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The suit body is about an inch too short in my book....looks almost feminine from the back. The current cut appears to cut you in half. Also, not sure if it's because of the picture angle, but the buttoning point appears too high as well. That should come in around your natural waist, with slight tweaks based on overall proportion.
I'd tap that. Well, both, actually. Seriously, perhaps changing your gait is an option, though I'd imagine that would be quite difficult as an adult. I see that as akin to removing the all-too-frequent usage of "um" or "like" in many overheard conversations.
It's the white and orange stripes I find problematic. Such a rare color, it will likely stand out and be remembered. However, if the OP is a redhead or strawberry blond with ruddy features, then nice touch. Until you have a lot of suits, though, something like this seems almost superfluous. I understand that you might disagree, but given our lack of knowledge of the OP, it seems safer to offer generic vs. idiosyncratic advice.
That's a distinctive pattern and not very versatile. Sounds like a good 5th+ suit...
Yes, I've purchased two items from him over a period of a year. I actually returned one item, as it was too long, without issue or complication. Good stuff, and he aims to please.
Will be there! Thanks for the post.
RLPL represents the kind of clothes Ralph Lauren would wear. If you ever see him, his jacket shoulders are always too wide for his frame (by a significant amount, not just a little). It's the first thing I notice whenever I see him in a jacket.See this link for a typical example:
I recently moved back to San Diego and, of course, found myself thrown into sartorial hell. Dante could not have created a world more hellish, and Heidegger, if alive, would have to update his definition of 'Dasein.' That said, there are still opportunities to dress well, especially in certain parts of San Diego and, of course, for the appropriate occasions. I'd like to see if there are other SF'ers in San Diego whether native or transplants that would like to meet at a...
Pic on the left is from TCaT, the picnic scene
You might want to check out eBay for some new grey blazers. I did a quick check and there's plenty of new stuff you can get at $200 or less. My search included 'linen', which is appropriate for summer.
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